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A fictim is a False or Fake Victim. Our tax funds are being wasted on serving these increasing liars, their false allegations and attack on innocence, not to mention the disservice they do genuine victims. Not good. Shame on fictims.

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Latest Fictims

Honolulu Honolulu County Hawaii. Story of a wife in a dispute-infested marriage that deteriorated so fast that even divorce prov...

3 Weeks ago 0 Shamers

Jonesboro Craighead County Arkansas. Facebook item seller so she claimed she was. She got robbed by a white pair so she alleged....

4 Weeks ago 0 Shamers

Falls Township Bucks County Pennsylvania. Habitual falarmist false alarmist Josh Bend strikes again this time with an unusual bu...

1 Month ago 1 Shamers

Bridgeport Montgomery County Pennsylvania. A man paints profanity on his own bike then he attempts to falsely accuse his ex of v...

1 Month ago 0 Shamers

Holly Ridge Onslow County North Carolina. Rob got robbed or really If youre in Holly Ridge you should be yelling Holly FuK at th...

1 Month ago 0 Shamers

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