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A fictim is a False Victim, Ficticious or Fake Victim. Our tax funds are being wasted on serving these increasing liars, their false allegations and attack on innocence, not to mention the disservice they do genuine victims. Not good. Shame on fictims.

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Latest Fictims

Mount Pleasant Charleston County South Carolina. I have a problem with attention said one of the many unpleasant vindictive wome...

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Gettysburg Adams County Pennsylvania. Scorned woman with a lengthy criminal history decides to attack her ex along with his spou...

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Watertown Jefferson County New York. She was savagely handled so the Savage claims. Yet another beef with boyfriend drives vindi...

1 Week ago 1 Shamers

Johnson City Carter County Tennessee. Loser of argument with boyfriend goes victimish by a false report of being shot at. Dont b...

2 Weeks ago 0 Shamers

Wichita Falls Wichita County Texas. The sleep was not so well in Sleepwell courtesy of cry-rape fictim Mary Molden. After consen...

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