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A fictim is a False or Fake Victim. Our tax funds are being wasted on serving these increasing liars, their false allegations and attack on innocence, not to mention the disservice they do genuine victims. Not good. Shame on fictims.

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Latest Fictims

Stockport Greater Manchester England. Straight from the Hood a rape fantasy which made it to court. One taxi driver had a lot to...

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Prattville Autauga County Alabama. One more rape fantasist who couldnt keep it to herself defended by the lawyer to have a prope...

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Marlborough Cheshire County New Hampshire. Butch Dyke material with heterosexual rape fantasies but not so much sexual assailabi...

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Wichita Sedgwick County Kansas. A woman chooses none other than Fathers Day to falsely accuse the father of her child of threats...

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Updated: Jun 20, 2019

So Paulo Brazil. Narcissisluts Hypoagency vs Soccer Stardom. After offshore consensual sex local selfie specialist decides to cr...

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