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A fictim is a Fake or False Victim. Our tax funds are being wasted on serving these increasing liars, their false allegations and attack on innocence, not to mention the disservice they do genuine victims. Not good. Shame on fictims.

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Williamsport Lycoming County Pennsylvania. Aspiring MeTooer cant wait to get her sexualized title shot. At 18 Hannah Stetler tur...

4 Mths ago 0 Slams

Peterborough Ontario Canada. Empowered woman cannot seem to exercise enough of her female privilege when she walks in a peaceful...

7 Mths ago 0 Slams

Sumter Sumter County South Carolina. Leftist wannabe mayor fakes her own kidnapping for sympathy and votes but gets exposed. Her...

11 Mths ago 0 Slams

Emalahleni Mpumalanga province South Africa. Another case of a woman fornicating regretting and reporting and another case of le...

1 Yr ago 0 Slams

Powhatan Powhatan County Virginia. Racist hag takes out a bad day on an imaginary black couple. Your taxes go down the drain whi...

1 Yr ago 10 Slams

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