While we recognize there are real victims of every category of crime, it is difficult to ignore the growing number of ill-willed liars who gain from our victim-centered culture (#BelieveTheVictim / #StartByBelieving), taxpayer funded support, and public-opinion-driven justice to punish their alleged victimizers before any facts can be sought after. This is why we refuse to refer to such liars as "victims". 


A fictim is a False Victim, Fictitious Victim, Fake Victim, Faux Victim or Fraudulent Victim; A person who is presented as a victim but is actually not. Fictims are the victim-playing subset of falarmists (false alarmists) which includes other kinds of liars like swatters whose false allegations are served by our taxes. Although the fictimhood itself is not a new phenomenom, its exponential occurence and infiltration of our moral values is a cause for concern. It is also arguably the number one issue that plagues our society today as we sit back and watch our supposedly fine law-enforcement and legal system degenerate into mere instruments at the disposal of 'fictims' and 'falarmists'. We have seen numerous cases where cry-wolf fictims and falarmists have been able to cause irrepairable damage to their accused before the truth of their false allegation manages to come to light. And even then, there is little or no legal consequence suffered by the false accuser. Our "come-forward / speak-up / dont-be-silent" culture amplified by agenda-driven politicians encourages people to see themselves as victims even on the most trivial of issues, and so they keep coming forward to waste the valuable time and resources of the state, aided by innocent taxpayers. Some of these fictims have mastered the art of repeatedly taking advantage of our pro-victim system to falsely present themselves as "victims" for what it's worth. And it, unfortunately, is worth more to be a victim than a victor in today's western society. If you don't think this is a flaw in our system then read on for the scary part. Image result for statistics


Within the past 8 years, there have been 48.9 milllion false allegations made in the United States alone. 83% of them are gender-based cases of domestic abuse, rape, sexual assault, sexual battery, sexual harassment and sexual misconducts of which, contrary to popular perception, 1.4% of complainants are men. That's right. Not only women make false accusations of domestic violence and sexual crimes. 98.6% are women because, as Globocentric researched and reported, females they are more innately blatant about being portrayed as the "victim" than males are. However the number of males resorting to victimhood is alarming when we looked at other cases like theft, robbery, larceny, strong arm robbery, shootings, terrorism; 21% are male. Let us take a closer look at the two most prevalent categories of crime which attracts the most false victims coming forward.


Domestic Violence

SAVE (Stop Abusive And Violent Environments) reports that courts issue 1.5 million temporary restraining orders every year for reports which are either false or trivial. 50% of those cases involve no actual physical violence. This makes up over two-thirds of the total number of restraining orders issued by courts each year. Over 85% of these orders target men as perpetrators. There are about 700,000 false charges of domestic violence filed each year in the U.S. alone. That's about 1917 per day and 78 each hour. Think about that for a moment. By the time you finished reading this page within minutes at least 11 women would have filed false domestic abuse charges in the USA alone.

Erin Pizzey, founder of the first internationally recognized women’s shelter in 1971, reveals that Domestic Abuse cases in Canada were not only unfair due to only a finger full of shelters for men vs thousands for women, but also that the lawyers representing the women would often guide them on how to exploit the flawed court system in their favour. That includes a lot of lying and false claims. It is important to point out here that in all North American countries, men still contribute a higher proportion of taxpayer funds used by the government to help women punish men in these false Domestic Violence cases. Additionally, in Canada and the United States, there is a higher percentage of men in favour of "women empowerment" and "women protection" policies designed to put men at a disadvantage, than in any other region in the world.

The problem is not limited to North America alone. According to the charity organization Families Needs Fathers, the number of non-molestation orders issued by courts to prevent domestic abuse in England and Wales has skyrocketed by 37% over the past five years, because they are being exploited to secure legal aid. The “weaponisation” of court procedures by “angry and vengeful parents”, is encouraging false allegations and fuelling conflict between separating couples, the head of the organisation has claimed, as reported by The Guardian. Most of these aforementioned vindictive parents are women.

The figures above are based on the latest quarterly statistics produced by the Ministry of Justice. Since 2013, when the Legal Aid, Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders Act (Laspo) came into force the number of non-molestation orders issued by English and Welsh courts has increased from fewer than 20,000 to more than 26,000 a year. As many as 80% of all family law cases now involve one party who is unrepresented due to policies aimed at keeping cost low. The troubling trend of weaponising the legal system for personal gains in western victimology culture is also prevalent in Australia, New Zealand and the rest of the English speaking western world.

What's the taxpayer cost of this Domestic Violence victimology phenomenom?

First of all issuing a temporary restraining order in each domestic abuse case costs approximately $2,000 in the United States, including adjudication of the order. That's according to SAVE. If you assume that each one of the falsely accused people spends only one night in jail, the cost to the tax-payer in simply housing these “criminals” is almost $60 million threshold, for Domestic Abuse cases alone. Additionally $20 billion of taxpayer dollars is spent each year for welfare and public benefit services arising from false allegations of domestic violence that force children into single-parent households


Rape, Sexual Assault

According to RAINN (Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network), The crime rate for rape and sexual assault has fallen 63% since 1993, from a rate of 4.3 assaults per 1,000 people in 1993, to 1.6 per 1000 in 2015. However, the rate of reported rapes and sexual assaults have increased 8-fold within the same 12 year period. If we factor in sexual harassments and misconducts which were not previously taken as serious crimes then the rate of reporting goes even higher by 23%. The reason for this skyrocketing of complaints is in part population growth, the lowering of the criteria qualifying for the crime, application of the murky concept of "consent", as well as social programs which offer incentive and encourage women to "come-forward". Unfortunately, those incentives and encouragements also enable ill-willed people to legally exploit the system for personal gains, hence, as one research sites, the rate of false reports of rape and sexual violence is as high as 41% of total complaints of sexual violence. In an atmosphere where the adaptation to political correctness is as rapid as the rise of victimology culture itself, the consequences of making false accusations of sexual violence especially by a woman against a man, is said to not be eligible for punishment by the law, in efforts to not discourage real victims of this crime from coming forward. However, lives are being destroyed in the process of ignoring the false rape and sexual assault epidemic. This is why we must keep the pressure on lawmakers to take it more seriously. 

One aspect which has contributed enormously to this "rape culture" epidemic is the reported cases from college and university campuses where due process was stripped from accused/alleged sexual assault offenders in the Obama Era Title IX regulations, depriving them of their constitutional rights to a fair judicial process and proper defence. This flawed policy having permitted gynocentric college administrators to play judge, jury and executioner in sexual assault cases also afforded girls the ability to accuse without the risk of being cross-examined by their accused party or their legal representation. This in turn encouraged female college students to accuse males almost anonymously and in many cases, falsely. However, Betsy DeVos, the new Education Secretary under president Trump has called for a review of the Title IX guidelines and new non-binding regulations have been released to protect the rights of the accuser and the accused somewhat equally.  As one would expect, the new move was met with outrage by libtardism fanatics who delibrately misinterpret the proposal to restore due process as an attempt to reverse of gains made by the women's rights movements. They even started counter-campaigns like "#BelieveAllWomen", "#WeBelieveYou", and "#StartByBelieving" which suggest that women should be blindly believed when we make accusations. Do not let them rob you of your commonsense. The simple fact is: There are more liars in this world than victims.


Why do people make False Allegations?

"Victimology politics" is said to be the main reason why the rate of false allegations has skyrocketed over the past 20 years. However our research reveals there are a number of other reasons rarely considered in main stream reporting, including but not limited to: schemes, money, sheer aversion, racism, political interest, fame and retribution. But most times you see mainstream media cite mental health issues. That reason only applies to as low as 3% of cases. Some media report "no one understands why someone would do something like that". This is a sustained fallacy agenda to isolate these false victimhood incidences and keep you believing the next victimhood stories. The truth is that false victimhood have already reached epidemic levels at least in the United States where one in five adults know someone who was falsely accused of a crime. Human beings who present themselves as victims are not deprived of capabilities of sheer evil and it gets even worse. Some fictims weigh options between hiring thugs to do their dirty work, and using police and the legal system for free. Fortunately or Unfortunately in the western world, thugs are not commonly available for hire, that makes law-enforcement the only viable option for ill-willed people out to harm others.

It is no secret that our system encourages and protects accusers behind political correctness a "believe the accuser" culture while punishing the falsely accused. Consequently, shameless people are increasingly resorting to using our flawed legal system to gain attention, rewards, revenge or to simply harm someone they do not fancy. To make matters worse for innocence, the burden of prove often falls on the accused rather than the accuser, not to mention the societal stigma and more serious dangers the falsely accused may face for the rest of their lives simply because someone said something against them. Similarly, in most cases, society supports and sides with fictim alarmists without considering the consequences of their action on innocence, the strain of their falsehood on tax-payer time and resources, and the diversion of these resources away from genuine victims.

It is not enough to agree that this is unfair. If you wait for the government to fix the system then you would be waiting to realize a far-fetched fantasy. First of all, there are no district attorneys in the United States who routinely prosecute false allegations of domestic violence. NONE. This means the state does not recognize it as a crime let alone a serious one. We have made a little progress on False Sexual Assault accusations, to prosecute perpetrators but only a handful of false accusers receive some dose of justice each month. We still have a lot of work to do and you too can contribute to change the status quo and help us make False Allegations be treated as more serious crime. Start by Exposing or Slamming a False Victim. Your contributions on this platform helps our arguments when we confront our law makers.

The Fictims.com project is dedicated to all the people who have been falsely accused, people who have spent valuable resources battling a flawed legal system to prove their innocence, people who face societal stigma for wrongs they never did, people who have lost everything because someone said something, and people who have given up their lives under the pressure of false allegations. R.I.P Ross Bullock, Jay Cheshire, Karin Cheshire, Stephen McLaughlin, Tom Acton. CAFA will continue to fight until this system is changed, until due process is restored for the accused, until false accusers are held responsible and treated by law as the abusers and criminals which their are.

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