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14 Fictims of Hate Crime

Moravia Cayuga County New York. You gave me a ticket so you must be racist. Or at least that was the thought process of fictim T...

4 Yrs ago 0 Slams

Ann Arbor Washtenaw County Michigan. When did white women start getting targeted by White Supremacists Woman enacts half-assed s...

4 Yrs ago 0 Slams

New York Nassau County New York. Attention-hungry teen misguided by the abundance of hateful donkey rhetoric takes to the author...

Updated: Sep 8, 2017

4 Yrs ago 0 Slams

Bridgewater New Jersey. Butch dyke waitress hoping to catch attention on Have A Gay Day fakes victimhood by writing a hateful co...

7 Yrs ago 0 Slams

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