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Siloam Springs Benton County Arkansas. dopehead woman tries to incriminate her husband with fabricated Child Porn Child Rape AND...

Updated: Jul 1, 2019

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Cortlandt Westchester County New York. Heavy police response to fake female fictims DV distress hoax call ends up being a waste ...

5 Months ago 0 Shamers

Las Vegas Clark County Nevada. 90 Day Fiancs aggressive Larissa Lima inflicts injuries on herself and blames it on husband for t...

Updated: May 30, 2019

6 Months ago 1 Shamers

Valletta Malta. Common sense defier taxpayer resource waster. Referring to the believers of Bianca Hoyer who falsely accused he...

7 Months ago 0 Shamers

Monroe Ouachita Parish Louisiana. Serial fictim Julia Stevenson Staggs tries to frame estranged husband with break-in of sorts. ...

7 Months ago 0 Shamers

Des Moines Dallas County Iowa. Marital horniness prohibited never mind the marriage vows. Experienced divorcee named Gina Battan...

8 Months ago 0 Shamers

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