The listings on this website should by no means be regarded as a reflection of the statistics on False Allegations and/or False Reporting. Of millions of records we only publish stories that we, solely at our own discretion, think are significant to our efforts to create awareness on the issue.

This platform is neither run by a news organization nor affiliated with one. Our sources are independent and anonymous contributors either involved or sufficiently knowledgible on the incidents we publish. These include law-enforcement, private investigators, lawyers, the falsely accused, and in rare cases the fictims themselves. However we do in some cases provide alternative references to news sources which have either published the same story in more detail or provided other elements of the case which we are not already familiar with. Our regular users may also only suggest a false victim after which we look into and verify with our credible sources before deciding whether or not to list them.

If you think a fictim should be listed here, please use the "Add False Victim" button at the top of this page to provide relevant details of the incident. On the other hand if you believe someone listed here should not be, please use the contact form and select "remove false victim" and provide valid reasons. We will look into it and verify with our sources then act accordingly.

Every story or "fact" on our listing is as alleged and should not be taken as conclusive. We are not in a perfect world so we understand that publications are not subject to perfections and we do not guarantee 100% accuracy in the information we present. However we have provided software function for users to "flag" / "mark as inappropriate" any presentation they feel contains any error of language, concept and / or other misrepresentations of facts, which we look into and react to accordingly if and when necessary. We also provide function to predict and filter out commonly used words intended to insult a person. We stand for plain truths and do not tolerate rudeness or any attempt to defame someone hence we have provided software function to "report" content that may violate our policy.

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