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Updated: Mar 28, 2019  

London, England. Rape fantasist and lying dyke Jemma Beale falsely accused up to 15 men of sexually assaulting her, in order to get attention and compensation rewards. This is the story of a professional fictim (false victim).

Between 2010 and 2013. In a quest for empathy within her feminist lesbian ranks, manipulative man-hater Jemma Beale falsely claimed she had been sexually assaulted by six men and raped by nine, all strangers, in four different encounters. Even though by all "toxic masculinity" standards her sexual assailability in any context would have been overstated, the investigation team still took her as seriously as a gynocentrism-stricken society requires, expending valuable time and resources on all her fifteen claims.

Unfortunately, a cab driver who helped her with a lift was first to bear the brunt of assisting a serial rape accuser. He served two years and nine months of a 7-year prison sentence, while Jemma Beale received £11,000 (Approx. $13 975) in criminal injuries compensation following her grotesque false allegations against the man. Jemma's parents claim that she had told her ex-girlfriend, Anushka Pritchard, weeks after the man's conviction that "no rape occurred". However, the information did not get to the police until after two years, during which time Jemma bragged about payday from false accusation of men.

Jemma Beale was eventually figured out by the authorities for what she is: A liar, swindler, and a fictim (false victim). Prosecutor team member Madeleine Wolfe told the court police spent 6,400 hours investigating ms. Beale’s false claims at a cost of at least £250,000 (Approx. $317 625), and the trial cost at least £109,000 (Approx $138 484). The prosecution added that ms. Beale's life is a "construct of bogus victimhood".

July 2017. Jemma Beale, born 29th Dec 1991, was found guilty of four counts of perjury and four counts of perverting the course of justice.

August 24, 2017. Southwark Crown Court, Jemma Beale was sentenced to ten years in prison. “This trial has revealed, what was then not obvious, that you are a very, very convincing liar and you enjoy being seen as a victim.", the Judge said.

-- update --

March 28, 2019. 27-year-old Jemma Beale lost her legal battle after appealing to senior judges to overturn her conviction. One of England's most senior female judges was one of three judges who dismissed both of Jemma's appeals, sending her back to prison. The fictim is reported to have shown no remorse whatsoever and continues to protest her innocence by concocting new lies.

Of her 10 year sentence, the unfortunate reality is that she is likely to spend less time in prison than the imprisoned one of the men she falsely accused. Because our society is not short of "acceptable" excuses to release the female criminal earlier, from prison. So much for "equality". Watch this space

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