Leyla Ibrahim

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Carlisle, Cumbria, England. Rape fantasy is not a crime and neither is craving attention, in the context of being female. But when that attention seeking process involves wasting £150,000 of taxpayer money, police time, creating unnecessary fear and a deprived sense of safety in society, not to mention destroying innocent lives with false accusations, THEN we have a problem.

That is what Leyla Ibrahim failed to understand when she shredded her own clothes after a night-out then cried rape to police claiming she had been attacked by 2 men. She claimed she pulled out a pair of scissors to defend herself but one of the men took it from her and used it to cut her hair. Her allegations spurred a massive manhunt but investigation outcome proved Leyla's story to be a hoax.

She was convicted and imprisoned but never gave up her fictimhood. She continued to fight her criminal conviction
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