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Added: Aug 20, 2018  

Wilmington, Edgar County, Illinois. Wesley Township clerk Sarah Norton filed a false harassment complaint against a citizen for filming a public space.

August 20, 2018. Wesley Township clerk Sarah Norton who was allegedly voted in through a phoney process filed a report to Wilmington police alleging that she had been harassed by a citizen on August 16, 2018. However video emerged showing the citizen walking into Wesley Township Highway Department and filming the public space including Sarah Norton and her father John Norton, former Road Commissioner who in the process called the citizen a "pedophile".

According to the report, Sarah had earlier advised the citizen that he is unauthorized to enter the building without an elected officer's permission. There is no statute in Illinois preventing a citizen from entering or filming in a public building.

The people of Wesley Township who are angered by this victimology politics and also by the fraudulent process by which the former Burger King crew member Sarah Norton was elected, have called for her resignation.

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