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Michael Lynn Auttonberry

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Updated: Oct 5, 2019  

West Monroe, Ouachita Parish, Louisiana. 'Axe', one of the many demons meth can install in a man's head, and thus speaketh the man. Instead of calling ghost-busters, Michael Auttonberry decided to call the authorities and falsely report his head was axed by home invaders.

October 03, 2018. Seemingly high on stuff of sorts, Michael Lynn Auttonberry called the cops and reported a stabbing on the head with an ax. When the police arrive at his home, they find him with no ax wounds on the head while he was cursing at invisible ghosts. Nevertheless, he continued to claim there were intruders and he allowed officers to search the residence. Officers found no one but behold a gram of methamphetamine in a brown sack placed in plain view. Michael claimed the meth was placed there by the "ghosts", or, more believably, "intruders".

October 10, 2018. Presumably after being given enough time to 'descend from his highness', 59-year-old Michael Lynn Auttonberry was booked at Ouachita Correctional Center and charged with filing a false report.

April 03, 2019. fictim Michael Auttonberry finally admitted in court that it was himself, not ghosts, who planted the ice (meth) in his home. He pleaded guilty to the felony drug charge and was sentenced to six (6) months in state custody.

--- Update ---

October 04, 2019. Just when we thought we were done with this fictim (false victim), Michael Auttonberry strikes again. This time with a 911 call claiming that his brother had been shot at his home. Even though this fictim has a long history of false reporting, there was an overwhelming response by Deputies, firefighters, and medics arriving at his home. As it happened before, there was no emergency and no cause for alarm. Michael Auttonberry then told the Deputies that the perpetrator had fled the scene but that the victim was in a back room. When Deputies checked the back bedroom, there was no one. They searched the entire area for both a suspect and the victim but still found no one.

On questioning Michael Auttonberry again on the incident, he told Deputies that his brother was probably not shot, but that someone told him it was rather his father who was shot. Not another ghost story though, as his parents were alive and living in his home at that time. However, his father was apparently not shot. When that lie could not hold, the fictim owned up and stated that no one had been shot.

October 04, 2019. 60-year-old Michael Lynn Auttonberry was once again arrested and booked at Ouachita Detention Center. Watch this space

Well then, wouldn't it be awesome to make EMS to be based on some kind of moral usage credit? For example, if someone had been recorded using it maliciously or making prank calls, then they don't deserve an emergency response next time they call. More so for hoaxers who've done it more than once. We cannot always fill up the glasses for idiots who do nothing but pour the wine away, especially when everyone else is paying for the wine. Hold that thought!

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