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Denison, Texas. Careless fictim and rape fantasist Breana Talbott falsely claimed that three black men had abducted and raped her, in order to cover-up something else she had going on.

March 8, 2017 (Women's day). 18 year old racist and hoaxer Breana Harmon Talbott ran into a local church covered in blood and wearing only a shirt and underwear. She falsely claimed to worshipers and staff that three black men forced her in an SUV, took her into the woods, one pinned her down while the other two raped her. She added that they cut her with a knife when she tried to escape. She reported the same fabricated claims to authorities.

As one would expect, her story sparked outrage, especially racially motivated among the white communities. There was an investigation into the alleged incident. The next day, a GoFundMe campaign for $6,000 was launched in her support by someone who claimed to be a friend of her fiance. The campaign had since been taken down but archive exists here. Unconfirmed reports indicate the funding campaign was a part of Breana Talbott's rape hoax.

The comments that followed this seemingly empathetic gesture saw attacks on reasoning that questioned the motive. In other words, people who refused to be victim of Breana Harmon's hoax were treated like trolls and questioned by her supporters. Notice how user "Starr Heath" is attacked just for asking a reasonable question. That shows how much society is a part of the problem. (read comments from bottom to top)

Eventually after two weeks, with her story unraveling, Breana Talbott admitted to police that she fabricated the incident. She revealed to police that she was in a fight with her fiance that prompted her to go into the woods and cut herself. As she was afraid of her family’s reaction, she created a sexually assault hoax.

In Grayson County district court, Breana Talbott pleaded guilty to four felony charges - two counts of tampering with evidence and two counts of tampering with a government record, a charge which carries up to 10 years in prison and a $10,000 fine.

March 20, 2018. Breana Harmon Talbott was only sentenced to eight years probation, $8,000 in restitution and $2,000 in court fines. And what punishment does she get for creating racial tensions that could have potentially escalated to bloodshed, wasting tax-payer's money on fake felony investigation? Nothing, Not even mentioned in court.

Breana Harmon Talbott faces no jail time for her crime. Shame on this fictim

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