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Manhattan, New York. Meet our October special. Lucia Evans, African singer and one of the first to jump on the "metoo" bandwagon accusing a male movie mogul of some forced sexual encounter. She appears to have reached a dead-end with her false claims as the prosecutor agreed for her case to be dropped. Oops!. Her opportunistically timed accusation was not given much consideration in context until investigations came about a year in, thus far, divulging her false victimhood AKA fictimhood.

Initially, though, mainstream media had quickly danced to the hysterical metoo piper tunes portraying the Zimbabwean singer's allegations as credible, until now. Perhaps the 'Ford-effect' is working wonders in bits, with the least of lessons being to never jump into conclusions by a woman's word only. That remains to be seen.

October 11, 2018. Allegations filed by Lucia Evans were thrown out of court after having been revealed that she had lied when she accused Hollywood mogul of forcing her to perform oral sexual acts. Witness testimonies plus her own writing reveal her sexual experiences with the man were consensual, and further dispute her claims. So here comes the question: why did she accuse him? Rather than conclude by commonsense, there are possible scenarios from a collection of our coverage of false victims #fictims

1.) A dirty shot at a prominent male tops up on her feminist MeToo fame.
2.) She does not know the difference between consensual and forced sexual acts.
3.) She regretted the continued existence of the male after her last fling with him.
4.) Victimhood, if successfully played, leads to payday. And if failed, attracts no consequences.
5.) To destroy the goldmine and prevent others from gaining anything from it.
6.) The movie mogul represented a threat to her ambitions and/or success.
7.) She did to inspire/incite other fictims in the MeToo Madness.
8.) All of the above.
9.) Your own reason.

We are hearing unconfirmed reports she will be counter-sued for damages. Though, all said and done, a U-turn from toxic gynocentrism in our society remains a far fetched fantasy, because, according to the words of a South African politician: "Equality threatens Privilege". Watch this space
LETTER TO New York District Attorney, Cyrus Vance, Jr.

Dear Attorney,

We the people of New York State have always exercised faith in the justice system and we appreciate your public service. However there is more work to be done to ensure justice is equally applied to all irrespective of race, religion, social status, and more importantly, in light of recent events, gender. Thousands of men's lives are shattered around the world each year, due to false accusations of sexual crimes. Some like Wilbert Jones have endured long term imprisonment while they lost everything they once knew as a normal life. Others like Ross Bullock have committed suicide due to pressures from the character assassination, defamation and reputation damage which rip apart the core of a man and his prestige. These are our sons, brothers, fathers, uncles, husbands, dragged in the mud by mere words of lying women enabled by our justice system. This has to stop.

Even though Harvey Weinstein is not exactly a saint worth saving, there is still no excuse to put a man through hell simply because the society allows it by virtue of gynocentric privileges, which unfortunately, is too well known to produce imbalance of perception and outcome before the law. In a fair world every sane adult takes responsibility for their words and actions equally, as our modern civilization prescribes. And if their words and / or actions have a potential to put another person away for a long time, they themselves should be faced with equal application of the law. We will not quote latest statistics of false accusations to you as different organizations report different figures to serve their own purpose. Whichever figures you choose to hold as truth, one thing is certain that figure is on the rise and quickly so. With that acknowledged, you may agree that something has to be done to curb this destructive trend and preserve the sanity of our society.

Dear Attorney, to ignore the fact that the latest charges dismissed against Harvey Weinstein in Manhattan are due to recently discovered lies by Lucia Evans would be to send a message to everyone out there that they too can get away with making false allegations and giving false testimonies in court under sworn oath. That message encourages the aforementioned destructive trend and has no place in our civilized world. Here in our country and in New York State, perjury is a punishable crime let alone when the perpetrator's lies have a potential to cause irreparable damage to another human being. We cannot allow such lies to go unpunished, not by man, not by woman, not even by a celebrity. We deserve better in our society. We can do better.

Dear Attorney, Lucia Evans committed perjury before a grand jury in attempts to ruin a man's life while portraying herself as a victim for whatever it's worth. For justice sake, set an example and charge Lucia Evans with perjury. Let her be prosecuted with the same resources, and with the same gravity as the man she falsely accused is being prosecuted.

Thank you for your attention to the voice of the people

- Community Against False Allegations
- Signed by CAFA October 11, 2018

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