Pamela Sue Calvert

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Overland Park, Kansas. Rape fantasist seeks attention by fabricating sexual assault hoax. Rings a bell? It should. That's is all too common and no longer news-worthy. However, the twist in Pamela Sue Calvert's version is the glass bottle. That's right! and it is not her first time to falsely claim she was raped with a glass bottle.

January 13, 2018. Officers respond to 911 call and find Pamela Sue Calvert on the ground with clothes partially torn. She claims while she jogged, a man grabbed her, threw her to the ground, raped her and sexually assaulted her with a glass bottle. She was of course believable as usual, and more so because she had the scars to prove it. She gave a description of the perpetrator and police launched a massive manhunt while they continued their investigative work which included a huge number of forensic technicians and officers contacting possible suspects.

However, during investigation a witness testimony surfaced disputing Pamela's account of events. On further investigation, officers discovered she made similar false report in 2014, claiming a welding-man dragged her into the bushes and raped her with a glass bottle, and that too was a hoax. When confronted with discrepancies in her January statement, Pamela admitted that she fabricated the hoax however maintained that she had been sexually assaulted, the week before, but didn't think police would believe her. Tada!! we heard that one before. "Something did happen just didn't happen how I said and I feel like a jackass," said Pamela. "jackass", speaking of choosing the right words, she got this one right. If it is attention she was looking for, she got it in the sense that "jackass" sticks

March 08, 2018. fictim Pamela Sue Calvert was charged with falsely reporting a crime and booked into the Johnson County Detention Center and later released after posting a bond of $2,500.
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