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Bay City, Michigan. Serial liar and cunning cunt Mary Zolkowski falsely reported to police that she had been raped in the parking lot of delta campus, in a female privilege plot effort to get a refund from Delta college.

February 22, 2017. The Delta College Public Safety Office received a call from a woman who said her daughter was raped on campus. On the phone with police, Mary Zolkowski herself described the alleged incident happened at about 5:50 p.m on the same day, as she approached her vehicle in the Delta College parking lot, a man grabbed her from behind held her face and throat and proceeded to rape her without a condom.

As investigation intensified, during which Mary Zolkowski refused to have a physical examination, she changed her story and this time claimed she was raped in an apartment by an acquaintance but did not want to file a complaint. In another interview she once again modified her story saying that she had consensual sex with a man, intended to say stop but it was over before she "could say stop". She also said she did not want to be involved in any investigation.

However police approached the man whom she accused and he was able to prove via text messages that Mary Zolkowski on the same day claimed she was raped by a stranger at Wallmart. In another message, Zolkowski asks the man not to co-operate with the police investigation. The man further told police that Mary Zolkowski had mentioned to him she was trying to get a refund from Delta College, as she had dropped her courses. She claimed to police she dropped her courses as a result of the rape, however records show she dropped courses before the alleged rape.

After she lost all credibility in her false claims, Mary Zolkowski eventually admitted she fabricated the story but claimed she was raped in another college prior to attending Delta College. "I was assaulted previously, not at Delta's campus," Zolkowski said. "And because I was ashamed of circumstances of that, when my mother called, I vented through Delta, which was very wrong of me. I should have been truthful from the very beginning, and I used Delta."

On August 14, 2017. Mary Zolkowski voluntarily appeared in Bay County District Court for arraignment on one count of false report of a felony, a charge which is punishable by up to four years of imprisonment and a $2,000 fine.

However, on June 18, 2018, 21-year old Mary Zolkowski was sentenced to only 45 days in jail along with a two year probation period during which she will be routinely tested for drugs and alcohol and will also attend substance abuse counseling. She was also ordered to undergo a mental health assessment. If she violates probation, an additional 220 days will be added to her jail term.

The lenient sentencing was handed down by Bay County Circuit Judge Joseph Sheeran.
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