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Cabot, Lonoke County, Arkansas. A woman's kidnap fantasy wins her airtime and victimhood attention. Hoaxer and racist Sarah Casasola appears on TV narrating the same attempted kidnap lie she told her boyfriend earlier, getting law enforcement to waste our tax money without repercussions against her.

June 14, 2018. Fictim (false victim) goes home and tells her boyfriend a fabricated but chilling attempted kidnap story which he, in a #BelieveWomen spirit, took to law-enforcement. Sarah Casasola claimed that as she pumped gas at the Exxon Gas Station, a man approached her with an intent to kidnap her. She managed to get in her car, shut the door and speed away. Sarah described the perpetrator as "possibly Native American" driving a black van. While the investigation into the alleged incident intensified, media attention was drawn to Sarah and she kept the hoax going.

June 21, 2018. fictim Sarah Casasola was interviewed by KARK4 reporter to whom she described the encounter with the fictitious strange man. "It sounded like the devil was in his voice, but he said, I like you," Sarah said. "As I was opening my door he proceeded to get out of his car and was walk/running to me with his arm out trying to grab my arm before I got in the car," Sarah continued to describe the alleged ordeal. "There his van was, slowly driving down Highway 5 and then he circled back and came back up again, and so at that point, I knew this man was hunting me like a lion hunts a gazelle," she said. "I think he wanted to take me to sell me into human trafficking," Sarah added.

However after investigators reviewed CCTV footage from around the area, the evidence did not support her version of events. When confronted with the facts, Sarah Casasola eventually admitted that the incident never took place and that she “exaggerated” the story. No official motive was provided why she lied, but from our experience covering false victims, this one smells like she was trying to cover up something else that happened that night, so she cooked up the story for her boyfriend as a cover-up/distraction. However, the hoax made it to the police so she just played along with the attention as a victim.

June 28, 2018. 21-year-old Sarah Casasola was arrested and charged with Disorderly Conduct and Filing a False Police Report. Watch this space

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