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Paris, France. Fake victim of the 2015 Paris attacks, Alexandra Damien nets thousands of dollars meant for real victims, before finally being figured out as a fictim.

November 13, 2015. Jihadists attack several locations in Paris killing 130 victims and injuring about 360 more. One of the locations attacked was Le Carillon, a bar where Alexandra Damien had intended to go that night but changed her plans. However, after the chaos, she presented herself as a victim and pocketed 20,000 euros (about $23,180) from guarantee Funds setup for real victims of terrorism and other criminal offenses. She also benefited from therapeutic program in a hotel in Normandy sponsored by the Association for French Victims of Terrorism (AFVT).

Alexandra Damien claimed on social media that she was a survivor, showing a fake scar from the gun attack. However, inconsistencies in her story raised suspicions which led to opening of an investigation into her. Faced with discrepancies in her own claims, she was adamant at first but eventually confessed to fictimhood.

October 16, 2018. An earlier tearful and seemingly remorseful 33 year-old Alexandra Damien was sentenced to six months in prison for fraud and perjury. She will serve another 18 months on probation.

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