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Jamie Kaye Parker

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Chickasha, Grady County, Oklahoma. We have seen parents use their children as a bait in victimology quest here and there, but this is different. For most parents the idea of their child living with cancer is terrifying, let alone being used as a public swindling tool in the predicament. But scammer mom Jamie Kaye Parker had no qualms with that as she pulled off one of the most bizarre fictimhood stunts in recent memory.

Some time in 2016. After cancer diagnostics on her child, Jamie Kaye Parker claimed she had non-hodgkins lymphoma, putting her then 7 year-old daughter in a tormenting consciousness of serious illness and likelihood of an early death. Cruel mom also shaved daughter's head and took her for regular medical appointments. But this was only the first part of the plot. Jamie took to social media with a series of public posts with photo showing full face of her daughter and appeals drawing attention and sympathy to her family. It worked. She received donations from well-wishers estimated to have reached $3,500 and she even joined the cancer walk.

Jamie's swindle scheme was brought to an end only after Jamie's husband took their child to a doctor and did tests of which results showed she was not ill as her mother claimed. The doctor called a security department which informed the police. The Grady County Sheriff's office also received numerous complaints from victims who had donated cash or other items to Jamie's scam.

October 09, 2018. 31 year-old Jamie Kaye Parker was arrested, booked in Grady County Jail on charges of child abuse and other fraud-related charges, with bail set at $10,000.

No remorse. In fact, Jamie blamed her actions on her earlier arrest and conviction for misappropriating almost $4,000 from a sports club funds. She said that conviction got her isolated and abandoned. She claims the cancer scam was not about the money but to win people back in her life. It is worth noting that jail records show she was also booked in October 2011 for another offense.

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