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Joanna Partridge

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Added: Sep 25, 2018  

Koh Phangan, Surat Thani, Thailand. Common sense people generally balance their choices between freedom and safety when having fun. And when traveling alone, they are even more cautious with their judgments. However, British tourist and cry-rape wench Joanna Partridge may not be considered among this common sense category of people, for good reasons.

September 23, 2018. After getting herself intoxicated during a night out drinking from buckets passed around by other travelers, Joanna Partridge allegedly woke up naked and unable to remember what she did with herself the previous night. Then she hysterically decided to cry rape, creating unnecessary fright for other existing and intending tourists.

Consequently, the Thai police launched a full investigation into the allegations questioning witnesses, reviewing CCTV footage of areas where she was, and a medical test. The medical test result showed there was no sexual assault, and CCTV footage reviewed from around her bungalow showed no living object entered her room besides herself. Armed with sufficient evidence, Thai police concluded the woman had made a false claim.

When Joanna Partridge was confronted with results of the investigation, she apologized and expressed regret for what happened, claiming she was semi-conscious and did not intend to damage Thailand's reputation, according to Thai Police. Meanwhile, British representatives said nothing to condemn her actions. On the contrary, they're promoting political rhetoric which helps breed and release more cosseted careless and entitled feminods just like Joanna Partridge, to feel vindictive on misplaced suspicions rather than exercise preventive caution. What does that indicate? Hold that thought!

September 25, 2018. Thai authorities did not charge 25-year-old Joanna Partridge with making a false report but they have considered black-listing her from entering the country in the future, a very small price to pay for her contributions in damaging the safety reputation of a country which relies heavily on the tourism industry for national revenue.

A western woman making false rape claims in tourist Thailand is a common occurrence. Whether you consider Joanna Partridge a woman who simply made a mistake, OR a well-bred western feminist wench squarely indoctrinated to export "civilized" western victimology idiocracy, it does not excuse the effect of her actions on society, not to mention how she trivialized the crime of rape and the effects of her lies on real victims. After all, the hashtag said "BelieveWomen" not "BelieveJoanna", "BelieveTheVictim" not "BelieveTheJoanna", "StartByBelieving" not "StartByBelievingJoanna". And while it becomes confusing which of the women are credible enough to be believed, we may as well arrive at a reasonable conclusion that All Women Are Worth at least an iota of the doubt when coming forward with these serious claims. Hold that thought

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