Dina Melina

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Jurong, Singapore. Unable to repay her $1,000 debts, an Indonesian maid named Dina Melina accepted sex with her 70-year-old creditor who was also her employer's father-in-law. Sweet deal it seems and she kept the spondulicks flowing in from the man who just wanted a bit more of her in return.

However, the sweet deal was not good enough for the greedy maid who attempted to blackmail the source of the spondulicks in desperation for bigger pay. When the man refused to pay $3,000 to fall for her indirect threats to "expose" him, she lodged a police complaint accusing him of rape. And so the circus began.. until...

September 29, 2017. After failing a polygraph test, Dina Melina decided to come clean and confess that she made a false report.

February 14, 2018. Instead of getting red roses for valentine, 32 year-old Dina Melina got a sentence of 3 months in prison on one count of giving false information to a police officer. If you think the sentence is too lenient, never mind. Singapore is just as "pussy-whipped" as the west on issues like this.
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