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San Fernando, Trinidad and Tobago. Indebted and financially troubled son's attempt to scam mom with a kidnapping hoax goes further than he hoped for, involving authorities and landing him a conviction.

October 17, 2018. Mother of Jonathan Ramcharan receives a text message from his phone informing her that he had been kidnapped. A follow-up text message arrives demanding $100,000 ransom for his release. A panicking mom in Gasparillo reported to police who sprung into action almost immediately. They went to Carlton Center where a car parked there by Jonathan was reportedly last seen but Johnathan himself never returned to the car. Investigators reviewed CCTV footage in the area, and other areas of interest. But it turns out there was no suspicious activity.

Officers managed to meet Jonathan in one piece. He told them he had not been kidnapped and his injuries were self-inflicted to make his story believable. The jobless and depressed young man further revealed his financial troubles as motive for the hoax.

October 18, 2018. 24 year-old Jonathan Ramcharan who had no previous conviction was sentenced to 30 days hard labour. The conviction sends a clear message that western-style victimology which goes a long way wasting public resources shall not be tolerated on the island nation. Perhaps Washington D.C. can learn something from the "third-world"

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