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Kevin Ramroop

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San Fernando, Trinidad and Tobago. "That tabanca really get me dotish", said the desperate lover or ambitious swindler? New model hybrid perhaps? Meet Kevin Ramroop who claims he thought his fabricated kidnapping for $60,000 ransom would revive an ailed relationship with his ex-girlfriend.

Earlier in October 2018. Kevin Ramroop's sister receives several messages sent from Kevin's social media account telling her he had been kidnapped and demanding $60,000 ransom for his safe release. Family in shock-mode took to law-enforcement. A lot of resources were immediately invested on investigating the hoax including police, Cyber Unit, Anti-Kidnapping Squad and Homicide Bureau.

Later that day, officers found Kevin in Gasparillo standing next to his car with hands tied. The rookie hoaxer told officers he faked his own kidnapping after receiving a photo message from his (ex-)girlfriend which got him all 'victimish'. “Officer, I sorry for them messages and faking my kidnapping, that tabanca really get me dotish," Kevin said. "I did not expect this to reach so far. I feeling real shame now.” He added.

October 18, 2018. 22 year-old Kevin Ramroop was sentenced to 30 days hard labour. The conviction sends a clear message that western-style victimology which goes a long way wasting taxpaer resources shall not be tolerated on the carribean nation. Perhaps washington D.C can take away some moral lessons from this.

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