Erik Alejandro Rodriquez

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George Town, Cayman Islands. The reason why the definition of "pussy" has nothing to do with a woman. After crashing his car, Erik Alejandro Rodriquez pussied out and rather reported himself as a knifepoint car-jacking victim.

May 24, 2018. Immigrant and fictim Erik Alejandro Rodriquez reported that while driving on a highway, he saw a vehicle on the side of the road with hazard warning lights on. He claimed he stopped and spoke to the female in the car to offer help but a man approached him, punched him, and then showed a knife in his face while demanding his car keys, got it and drove away in his just stolen car, while the female drove behind in the initially parked vehicle.

While still at the police station, information came in on the whereabouts of Erik Alejandro Rodriquez's car parked in a different location than he reported. He went to the location with an officer and subsequently admitted that he had been in an accident and had panicked, so he rather fabricated a car robbery. “Sorry for lying,” Erik said. he later submitted a statement admitting he been involved in an accident and had panicked so he made the false report.

September 25, 2018. Summary Court. 32 year-old Erik Alejandro Rodriquez who earlier pleaded guilty to a charge of falsely reporting an offense, was penalized $500 for wasting police resources.
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