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Victoria, Gozo, Malta. Jealous ex-partner uses her child to play victim against the other woman, but the child does not stick to mom's malicious plan. In fact, the 7-year-old says it out loud at the police station, getting her jealous mother in trouble. To make matters more interesting, Francine Cini's other attempts to victimize another man by serving him the blame for her own poor choice that led to an unpleasant lion encounter were rebuffed. Though she was sentenced to jail for her falsehood-stricken crimes, Francine will not spend a day behind bars because of what some experts refer to as "pussy pass". This story is a tip of the iceberg on how the European legal system works against "Gender Equality."

May 2017. Habitual fictim (false victim) Francine Cini filed a report at the Victoria police station claiming that her ex-partner's girlfriend had slapped her 4-year old daughter after the child showed temper tantrum. Following the report, Francine's ex-lover's girlfriend was summoned to the police station but denied having committed the alleged abuse. The accused woman's testimony was later corroborated by the 7-year-old sister of the allegedly smacked girl, who claimed it was their mother (Francine) who urged her to maintain that her little sister had been slapped by the accused woman. A sergeant also testified that he overheard the girl tell her mother at the police station: “You told me to say so”. Like instant Karma, every evil Francine Cini planned turned against her. She was charged with fabricating evidence of a nonexistent offense and for filing a false police report.

October 23, 2018. 32-year-old Francine Cini, from Zebbug, was convicted to serve 8 months in jail for filing a false report. She was also ordered to pay €392.90 (Approx. $446.60) restitution for court expert expenses. “Our society deserves protection against persons like the accused who believe they may continue to take everyone, including the Courts, for a ride”, said the magistrate.

Seasoned fictim Francine Cini is no stranger to malicious intent and legal troubles. Previously, she falsely accused her ex-partner of substance abuse but was spared a jail term for the sake of her young children. In July 2017, she was fined €5,000 (Approx. $5,682.69) and also forced to submit a personal guarantee of €2,000 (Approx. $2,273.08) for sending mobile phone message in March 2017, which was intended to tarnish the reputation of a male lawyer.

After being sentenced on October 23, 2018, for filing a false police report, Francine Cini took to social media and shared this post depicting herself as a lioness protecting her cub.

Speaking of her fascination for lions, that too has a fictimhood (fake victimhood) story of its own. It happened back in 2016 when Francine Cini befriended a lion owner. She visited his Si????iewi property on October 07, 2016, and saw an African lion in its cage. Francine Cini likely forgot that she is not a lioness, and the lion does not see her as anything prettier than a piece of meat. The story goes that she put her hand in the cage and the lion reacted instinctively, doing what it does best with flesh. After being rescued from the encounter, Francine was taken to a hospital where she and her lion owning boyfriend had agreed to lie that she was rather attacked by a dog. Francine Cini underwent arm surgery and was discharged from the hospital about a week later. Everything seemed to go well.

However, even with all the concern her lion owning boyfriend showed her before, during and after the incident, she turned around and sued him for damages, claiming that he had persuaded her to put her hand in the lion's cage. Yeah right! Rather jump off a cliff and come back in the next life to claim that someone asked you to.

June 03, 2019. The Court rejected Francine Cini's request for compensation on the lion attack. The judge noted that Francine is not only a nurse but also a mature mother of two, and should have been responsible enough to be aware of the danger. Even if someone had asked her to put her hand in the cage, she should as an adult know better not to, reports TVM.

Therefore, the Court decided that Francine's lion-owning friend was not responsible for the incident and should not compensate her for the injuries she suffered. Beyond that, a report cites that Francine Cini was also ordered by the court to pay the costs of the case. Congratulations to Malta. The justice system apparently does not tolerate BS no matter what gender it comes from.

--- Update ---

December 15, 2020. After months of fighting her conviction on the False Reporting case, Francine Cini's effort to bend the system has paid off. Citing multiple excuses, a feminist judge decided to suspend Francine Cini's eight-month sentence for one year. That means Francine Cini will not see a day in jail after all.

However, it has not been an easy decade for Francine Cini. Perhaps she should give up on filing malicious complaints against people. Alternatively, she could move to North America where female privilege works better, ridding women of any responsibilities for their own recklessness. Watch this space!

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