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Syracuse, New York. Party animal Catherine Reddington falsely cried rape against a male student only because she could not recollect events of the previous nights party where she had gotten herself intoxicated. Another case of Hysteria speaking Louder than Justice!

April 23, 2017. A confused Catherine Reddington reported to Syracuse Police Department and Syrause University administration that she had been raped by a man after a Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity in upstate New York. According to court documents and the District Attorney, a month serious investigation which included a medical examination, rape kit and blood-work done within 26 hours of the alleged incident found no evidence of assault, drug use, nor even a sexual encounter between Catherine and the man she accused. The two engineering majors had woken up fully clothed in the man's bed, both claiming they remembered nothing from the night before.

However, as Catherine's claims persisted the man was expelled from Syrause University, but she did not end it there. She took to social media under the name of "Catherine Marie" in an intensified smear campaign against her male victim, in what appears to be an effort to please radical feminists by destroying a man's life. Her campaign also attacked a Syrause University female admin for not believing her fictional version of events, in a line which included the woman's linked-in account for anyone who cared. Catherine also accused police and the system for not doing enough for her.

"...I spent 6 months being deceived and ignored by law enforcement...", wrote Catherine Reddington, even though the same law-enforcement came to her aid almost immediately after she reported the alleged incident.

"I spent 6 months trying to a work a system that is supposed to work for me....", she added. Her message connotes an innocent man should be charged with a crime only because a woman feels so.

Catherine Reddington also included a full face photo of the man on the footer of her message exposing him to worse dangers in our gynocentric society. Eventually her witch-hunt efforts paid off as Bohler Engineering fired the man from his summer internship position after she personally informed the firm of her allegations.

June 05, 2018. After a lot of damage had been done. "Thank you to everyone for reposting and spreading the word on the monster", Catherine Reddington wrote on Facebook. "Thank you to Bohler Engineering for taking a stand against this disgusting excuse of a man", she added, below facebook status: "Feeling happy".

By the end of June 2018, the falsely accused man had enough and filed a US$6million law-suit against Catherine Reddington for destroying his life with her unsubstantiated rape claims. It's about time. Although the suit is unlikely to yield any results that could possibly compensate the male for his career losses and reputation damage (as we saw in the other case here), it could at least finally get Catherine to shut up, by law.

Unfortunately, the success of the MeToo poison in our society is not limited to the likes of Catherine Reddington's actions - be it a disgust at facts, a disregard for professionally conducted taxpayer-funded investigation, a trading off of reasoning for hysteria, and / or a full pack of feeling-based feminocentric mob-centered justice system choosing persistent witch-hunt over civilized proceedings as a way forward. Her smear campaign netted over a thousand likes on Facebook and won her a lot of praise and encouragement in the comment section with people saying things in the lines of "you are brave", "you are strong", "proud of you", "thank you for sharing", etc. Even after it was revealed that Catherine Marie Reddington was lying, and the true victim in the whole drama was the man she accused, she continued to accumulate words of encouragement on social media, and unfortunately, also approvals to her social approvals.

Warning to a morally conscious reader that the comments below could be disturbing, a validation of not just a crime but an evil agenda by some rotten "women" if you read between the lines.

And you would be logical but mistaken to think these hysteria-approving words were only coming from women. In fact many men with mind enslaved to feminism were making similarly gynocentric comments. Pause for thought to wonder if these men have ever been able to imagine themselves in the shoes of the true victim in this arena? Hold that thought!
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Public Reasons for Shaming

I hope the lawsuit he filed will cause her to work the rest of her life to pay this man for the damages. Such reckless accusation

by Latoya Thea United States
1 Month ago