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Updated: Aug 28, 2018  

Los Angeles, California. Lesson #1 Keep strippers at arm's length. Another male celebrity learns the hard way from Andrea Buera, "Instagram model" of sorts who accused him of domestic violence, etcetera. Unfounded claims though it may be, an intention to bite off a chunk from the celeb's fame or maul it entirely though it may be, or make hers from the fabrication, or for money, or reasoning of sorts though it may be; She took to the media represented and accompanied by the famous ambulance chasing attorney. Nice try.

March 13, 2018. In a press conference at the Bloom Firm, fictim (false victim) Andrea Buera fires away reading off a prepared statement (alleged incident on February 17, 2018): "I was attending an after-party when he began yelling at me, choking me, punching me, and ultimately he knocked me to the ground.", she said. "While I was on the ground he continued punching me", she added, "he threw both of my phones over the cliff" , "he hit me so hard that I had a concoction", "I have been emotional, embarrassed". "The most difficult part about this... of other physical and emotional injuries has been having to explain this to my 7-year-old daughter." said the "CrazyGirlsLA" in croc tears.

One can only wonder how many other things Andrea Buera has a hard time with, explaining to her daughter. Attorney Lisa Bloom took over explaining how fictim Andrea Buera did everything right and explained how much of a horrible person her male victim is to women, further complaining that he had not been arrested. Well, he turned himself in following a charge of felony domestic violence but the charge was rejected.

Numerous witness statements to LAPD contradicted Andrea Buera’s claims. The L.A. District Attorney previously dismissed the case, referring it to the City Attorney to determine if misdemeanor charges should be filed. The L.A. City Attorney has also rejected the case.

If you watch the video above, listen to the Q&A session and how fictim's attorney answers them. "There is no excuse for violence against a woman". In other words, a woman who tries to kill a man should be allowed to have her way. So much for "equality"!

-- Update --

August 28, 2018. Andrea Buera sues. Just when we thought it was the last we heard of this fictim, Oh no! she has refused to be undone.Andrea Buera is suing the celebrity for her medical expenses and other damages. Like her attorney Lisa Bloom had said in the initial press conference: "We are not giving up on this case until we get justice". Watch this space
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