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Marion, Marion County, Ohio. "what the F**k are you doing that is my kid," the words with which Chelsie Hendel claimed to have challenged the man who allegedly attempted to abduct her daughter at a Walmart parking lot. Keyword: allegedly.

Chelsie Harris Hendel described the so-called perpetrator as having dark hair and wearing blue jeans. She also claimed she informed Walmart employees and the police but they said there is nothing they could do, as the image of the perpetrator was not clear enough. Chelsie's social media video posts regarding the fabrication got hundreds of reactions and shares, drawing the authorities' attention.

However, deputies from the Marion Sheriff's Office eventually got involved and said Chelsie Hendel never notified Walmart nor law enforcement about the incident. Investigators also saw security footage provided by the store which indicated the incident never happened. As investigators faced Chelsie with facts from the security footage in the area, she admitted she made up the story, a hoax.

And some may pose the question: why would she do something like that? the answer is simple: She's a human being and human beings lie.

August 10, 2018. 27-year-old Chelsie "Harris" Hendel, of Marion was arrested at her home and taken into custody on suspicion of inducing panic. "The constitution protects free speech but there are certain limitations. For instance, you can't walk into a crowded movie theater and shout 'fire,' " Said the Marion County Sheriff

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