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Patong, Phuket, Thailand. Frivolous lingerie and bikini model of sorts makes false rape and robbery allegations to get attention and sympathy from her boyfriend. Investigation availed that she lied, but she remained adamant and stuck in fake victimhood until she eventually got convicted but spared the pokey in Asia. However, she reveals her true fibster and criminal potentials back in Australia, going on national TV to falsely declare herself a victim of Thailand, being charged with assault, and narrowly escaping jail for narcotics crime, and so on. Welcome to the fake World of Stevie Bamford.

June 10, 2012. Aussie rape fantasist and drama queen Stevie Rochelle Franceska Bamford felt that a peaceful crime-free holiday was not good enough for her. So she created drama by feigning rape victimhood, narrating to Thai police that on her way back to her hotel room from a pub night, her tuktuk driver had driven her to an isolated beach location where two men held her down while the tuktuk driver raped her, then the three men proceeded to steal her belongings.

Immediately after the report, a serious investigation was launched. Two Australian Embassy envoys flew into Phuket from Bangkok to offer her support. In the following days, Patong police quickly gathered pieces of evidence including security camera footage from bars along Soi Bangla which revealed that Stevie had an argument with her boyfriend at midnight. He then headed home to their resort room while Stevie continued to enjoy herself in the pub.

Between 3:04 am and 3:11 am Stevie Bamford is seen hopping on a motorbike taxi (not a tuktuk) back to her hotel room. That evidence added to the fact that Stevie's medical examination results, her physical and mental condition did not correspond with her traumatic rape and robbery claims. In fact, she had resumed her holiday with her boyfriend soon after the alleged incident, which is abnormal for a supposedly traumatized rape victim.

A few days after the report, Thai police showed Stevie Bamford the security footage evidence in the presence of her boyfriend, who turned to her and asked: "Why did you lie to me?". Stevie then confessed to the Thai police that she lied because she did not want her boyfriend to be angry that she came back late.

June 15, 2012. Phuket Provincial Court. 21-year-old Stevie Bamford was charged with making a false statement to police and she was sentenced to 15 days in prison. Unlike other Australian convicts, Stevie Franceska Bamford was offered a choice between Phuket Provincial Prison and the Bang Jo detention center, where young prisoners, convicts with short sentences and less serious offenses are usually confined. She chose the latter and served her lenient 15 days in jail after which she, rather than being deported like the rest of the foreign convicts, was allowed to continue her holiday and choose her own date to leave Thailand. According to sources, even though her crime had the potential to hurt Thailand's tourism industry, the Thai immigration department hinted that Stevie was not blacklisted and was free to visit the country again in the future.

However, despite the lenient handling of Stevie Bamford by Thai authorities, the kindness shown towards her and support offered by the Australian Embassy fell on deaf ears. When she got back to Sydney, like an attention ****e on a quest to validate the formidability of narcisslutishness, Stevie Rochelle Bamford went on Australian prime-time TV's "Today-Tonight" program in an exclusive tagged "Terror in Thailand" to re-affirm her lies that she was indeed raped in Phuket, and that the Australian Embassy officials asked her to lie to Thai police that she was not. The Australian Embassy officials denied her claims.

The exclusive with interviewer Laura Sparkes, a senior Sydney-based reporter for the program, used Stevie Bamford's lies to stress to their viewers how an overseas holiday can go horribly wrong, and how a sexual assault victim was treated like a criminal in Thailand, all based on falsehood. However, Ms. Sparkes also said: "Stevie Bamford is either a young woman denied justice in the most horrific way, or she’s a very convincing liar", of course, it's the latter.

Whether that media stunt was a push on Stevie Rochelle Bamford's part to sour relations between Australia and Thailand, harm Thailand's tourism industry, or just an effort to reverse her already established lack of credibility or simply to make a name for herself; it angered many people who know the facts of the case, including one who previously supported her falsehood until all shreds of evidence clearly disproved Stevie's accusation. ''Her lies have made the claims of genuine rape victims more likely to be met with skepticism in Thailand,''... ''And now it looks as though, for her own selfish motives, she wants to try to talk Australian tourists out of visiting Thailand,'' said an envoy

According to sources, Mr. Cunningham from the Australian Embassy and the Thai police who were once on opposite sides of the case, now agree that Stevie Rochelle Bamford appears to be an unrepentant troublemaker, bent on making more mischief. There is no overstating how much damaging false rape claims are damaging to society. Shame on fictims

May 20, 2018. Sydney, Australia. Stevie Rochelle Franceska Bamford was again charged with assault after a brawling incident in which her boyfriend, David Sikais (not the same in the Thailand false rape incident), threatened to rape a policeman’s wife and daughter and also allegedly threatened to “hunt down and kill” the police officer once he got out of custody.

Stevie Bamford herself was charged with assault because she scratched the neck of an officer trying to arrest her boyfriend after allegedly smashing a police car outside a party. Police hit her with capsicum spray before taking her into custody where she was kept for about 12 hours before arraignment.

May 21, 2018. Sydney's Central Local Court. Pleading guilty on behalf of Stevie Bamford, her attorney described the incident as "an ill-conceived set of events" for which his client was "extremely remorseful". The judge accepted the plea and convicted 27-year-old Stevie Rochelle Franceska Bamford sentencing her to a lenient AU$800 (Approx. $548) fine and an 18-month good behavior bond, meaning she does not have to pay any bond or serve any jail term if she does not cause any trouble within the next one and a half years.

--- Update ---

October 30, 2018. On her way from the airport back into Sydney city, Stevie Rochelle Bamford was pulled over by law enforcement and asked for her license. When she offered an expired license, officers decided to do a series of tests on her. They eventually arrested her for drug-driving (DWI) after testing positive for Cocaine and methylamphetamine in her system. She explained to officers that she consumed the narcotics at a previous nights party. Of course, see you in court.

June 12, 2019. Waverley Local Court. 28-year-old Stevie Rochelle Franceska Bamford arraigned on the charge of drug-driving, managed to get yet another pussypass approved, with the presiding judge sympathetic to her personal situation and sentencing her to 18-months conditional release order, zero conviction on her drug-driving charge. For the earlier assault on a police officer (May 2018), her good behavior bond was revoked by this judge and then Stevie Bamford was re-sentenced to a six-month community corrections order during which she cannot commit any offenses. All in all the sentencing was as lenient as it gets.

Once again this drama queen has been spared the pokey. Perhaps the Australian authorities are waiting until she kills someone before they put her in jail where she belongs. Watch this space
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