Breanna Cait Godwin

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Panama City, Bay County, Florida. Something not going well for an irresponsible female? she would blame it on the male. Example, Breanna Cait Godwin after a scruffle with police who tried to arrest her for DUI, ended up with a black eye. When asked how she got it, she blamed it on an "abusive boyfriend" who actually had nothing to do with it.

January 27, 2018. Mexico Beach. Officers conducted a routine traffic stop on Breanna Cait Godwin’s car. As to what they notice, they decide to place Breanna under arrest on a DUI charge but she allegedly kicked one officer in the face and another in the leg. There the drama began, earning Breanna two black eyes, a swollen nose and a bump on the forehead.

When asked about her injuries later, she said the bump on her forehead was from the arrest but her swollen nose and two black eyes were sustained days earlier when her boyfriend punched her “3 to 4 times” in the face. She claimed that is the reason she drove to Mexico Beach where she was stopped and arrested for DUI.

Fortunately mr. boyfriend was able to prove via text messages that Breanna informed him after she sustained those injuries elsewhere, and she sent him photos to see.

January 28, 2018. 21 year-old Breanna Cait Godwin with a healthy history of trouble-making, was charged with making a false police report in addition to two counts of battery on an officer and the DUI charge. She was booked in the Bay County Jail where she posted a combined bond of $12,500.

The Bay County Sheriff’s Office report's she remains on authorities’ radar due to false claims made to “numerous parties” that she had been the victim of domestic violence.
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