Alexis Zanyette Kirven

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Mart, McLennan County, Texas. Gynocentric privilege pushed a little too far. Female privilege serves, but there is a limit which Alexis Kirven failed to realise when she lashed out a false sexual assault report against cops for arresting her.

March 22, 2018. fictim Alexis Zanyette Kirven's car was stopped for a traffic violation and she was arrested on warrants totaling about $9,000. Unhappy with that arrest, she took to social media to MeToo herself claiming she was sexually victimized. A week later, presumably due to the social approvals and hysteria-validating reactions she got from telling her fake story online, the fictim decided to file a formal complaint against the two officers who made the arrest, claiming a male officer had grabbed her breast in the process.

An investigation was launched reviewing various body cam footage and cameras around the area of the arrest. Attorneys are reported to have also viewed the footage from which it was concluded there was no inappropriate touching.

June 11, 2018. Karma strikes! 33 year-old Alexis Zanyette Kirven was arrested again and charged with a Class B misdemeanor charge of false report to a peace officer. She was released the next day on a $1,000 bond. That should do the trick getting her to shut-up with the lies
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