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Vanessa Garcia

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Brighton, Adams County, Colorado. Female victimology plus mental problems is a toxic combination. Meet Vanessa Gracia, seasoned sex crime fictim with a hobby of "coming forward". Within 6 months (between Oct 2016 and Apr 2017) she made 25 different false reports to Brighton police alone, hitting rock bottom only after she chose the wrong target.

March 23, 2017. Brighton Police Chief requested the assistance of FBI Denver regarding an allegation by Vanessa Garcia against a Brighton police officer on kidnap, torture, sexual assault and possible color of law. Vanessa had claimed the accused police officer was involved with a pimp and together subjected her to the sex ring ordeal in which she was stuck for four years. Even though the officer denied the allegations and said she never met Vanessa, the report caused her to be suspended for 3 months pending the FBI investigation.

Vanessa Garcia was offered victim assistance and protection while hundreds of hours and other resources were invested on the investigation surveilling, following leads, chasing shadows, interviewing potential people. Meanwhile, even with the FBI protection Venessa continued to complain that she was still being victimized, one in many red flags.

However, the FBI still continued in its attempts to corroborate the growing statements and evidences provided by Garcia while doubts regarding the veracity of her story grew. After they found important elements were excluded from events as described by Garcia, the FBI concluded that Vanessa’s initial allegations were likely false. Then they turned the investigation focus on Vanessa herself and discovered she had researched how to get the fake electronic photos which she presented as evidence.

April 20, 2018. Vanessa Garcia was charged by FBI Denver and the Adams County District Attorney, with one felony count of Attempting to Influence a Public Servant and one count of False Reporting to Authorities . Despite insisting she was truthful, she pleaded guilty to perjury and false reporting. At her sentencing Adams County prosecutors recommended mandatory mental health treatment for Vanessa, rather than jail time.

"The FBI has recently experienced an increase in falsified human trafficking claims by alleged victims. The FBI will continue to pursue charges against those making false statements to the FBI.", according to FBI Denver. The disturbing part is Brighton Police knew this fictim had a history of false reporting, but they still continued to waste our resources on this POS. May God Help us all in out-of-hand gynocentrism

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