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Corpus Christi, Nueces County, Texas. Feminoid victimology targets female victim once again as Rhiannon Gerragauch takes it out on female county clerk falsely claiming a sexual assault had occurred when the clerk checked her ID.

March 08, 2018 (International Feminist Day). Rhiannon Gerragauch makes a recorded sworn statement in which she again recounts the alleged incident of March 02, 2018 accusing a Nueces County Clerk of touching her breast while reaching for her court identification badge. "I do know that she did grab my ID and my ID is attached to me right here (her bosom area) at all times and it's always dangling down this area and either way she shouldn't have reached for that area, I think that's disrespectful, offensive," . Encouraged by her family, Rhiannon continued with the false allegations "In that moment I felt scared and violated and vulnerable and disgusted with the feeling of her hand on me," Rhiannon stated.

However, video evidence from the first floor lobby area of the Courthouse where the incident is alleged to have happened shows that at no point did the clerk get any closer than a few feet away to look at Rhiannon's ID, and at no point did the clerk stretch out her arm toward the fictim. The bitterness appears to have been caused by a family-tied interest against against the clerk for an unrelated incident.

Based on the evidence, a warrant was issued for Rhiannon Gerragauch's arrest on suspicion of making a false report to a peace officer. 18-year old Rhiannon Gerragauch turned herself in on the misdemeanor charge, booked at Nueces County Jail. Her bail was set at $1,000.

Female privilege used against other female is on the rise but rarely make it pass the first stage of the allegation. So here's the million dollar question: If there was no video evidence proving Rhiannon Gerragauch as a liar, how far would this case go? Watch this space!
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