Diana Watkins

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Saint Thomas, Virgin Islands. falsely accuse a man of intended rape, then blame it on the booze. Nice try by Diana Watkins but everyone else is smarter than that. Just imagine if there was no video evidence? what would happen to the innocent man?

January 28, 2018. Evening. The time Diana Watkins alleged a VIPD officer attempted to raped her. After an extensive investigation into the matter, including the review of security footage from the area where Diana claimed the officer took her from, it was determined that her version of events never occurred.

February 21, 2018. The fictim Diana Watkins herself was allowed to view the video in relation to her allegations. When she realised evidence disputed her claims, she admitted that the accused officer did not leave the area with her, then she switched her accusation target to a male security guard. "Sparta must fall", what a witch-hunt on testosterone. Because "a woman cannot lie", she obliged to further blame her inconsistent claims on the alcohol. Yeah Right!

Later that day, 21 year-old Diana Watkins was arrested and charged with one count of filing a false reporting. Her bail was set at $5,000 pending a hearing.
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