Meaghan Gates

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Added: Jul 17, 2018  

Pascagoula, Mississippi. Another day another sexual assault hoax. Meaghan Gates plays victim, fools law-enforcement and taxpayers, grabs her popcorn and watches police to work.

July 09, 2018. Fictim Meaghan Gates told officers she was sexually assaulted. But after investigating, Meaghan's claims were said to be unfounded and she ultimately admitted to feigning the entire sexual assault story.

July 17, 2018. 35 year-old Meaghan Gates, a teacher from Moss Point, was arrested and charged with filing a false reporting of a crime which carries a penalty of $5,000 fine and up to a year in jail. Whether that will apply on Meaghan in a gynocentric society, that's doubt-worthy but remains to be seen.

Meaghan Gates will be due for arraignment on September 19, 2018. Watch this space
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