Wanetta Gibson

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Long Beach, California. Female fictim Wanetta Gibson uses a rising male football star as her victimology excuse in her plot to defraud school. Of course, by falsely crying rape.

2002. Poly High School. Wanetta Gibson made out with a male student acquaintance around a stairway. Consensual kissing, hugging, some touching but no sex. After the tryst the pair parted ways on a good note. No quarrel, no fight. But behold, later that day, Wanetta Gibson went to the authorities and cried rape against the 17 year-old boy claiming he kidnapped, sexually assaulted, AND RAPED her. Motive? wait for it..

The accused boy's single mother had to sell her house and car to afford a defense attorney, a lawyer who advised him in sad reality as a blackman to plead no contest to get the minimum which was 10 years rather than maintain his innocence and be sentenced to 41 years. And so he did. Even though DNA evidence would prove the boy did not have sex with Wanetta, he eventually served five years in prison as a result of a plea deal, registered as a sex offender and continued the rest of his sentence in an ankle monitor. NFL dreams down the drain.

Meanwhile, and here it comes, Wanetta Gibson had sued The Long Beach Unified School District supposedly for not creating an environment safe enough for 'pussy-pass holders'. With the help of our very gynocentric local authorities, she won a $1.5 million settlement.

2007. First half of the settlement money ($750,000) was awarded to Wanetta Gibson and her life was boosted as a spender. However things turned around when lonely Wanetta Gibson added her recently released from jail victim on facebook asking him to "let bygones be bygones". She wanted to hangout, and the accused and convicted man used the opportunity to secretly record a confession from Wanetta Gibson that the crime never happened. She further said on tape that she wanted to help him clear his name but she didn't want to have to pay back the settlement money she got from the school district.

2012. The recorded conversation was used to exonerate the male victim. Everything turned around against her. Like a python which swallowed an oversized meal, she may have to regurgitate her fictimhood earnings and even more.

2013. Wanetta Gibson was ordered by a judge to pay a $1.5 million, plus an additional $1.1 million in legal fees totaling $2.6 million to The Long Beach Unified School District.

We all know that even if the fictim decided to work 24/7 a day for the rest of her life she would not make that amount. However, more importantly, no criminal charge against her, no jail time, no compensation to the main whose name was dragged in the mud and whose life was wasted in jail for a crim he did not commit. "Suck it up and move on" as the always say! To hell with this fictim

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