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Long Beach, Los Angeles County, California. Making out with a scumified wench for a few minutes becomes a fake rape story considered by the authorities as worthy of throwing an innocent teen male's life away. Wanetta Gibson used the young rising male football star as a victimology tramp in her plot to defraud the school district, and the racist authorities not only fell for it but were complicit in ruining the falsely accused boy along with his mother.

2002. Poly High School. Victimology fraudster Wanetta Gibson made out with a young male student acquaintance around a stairwell where there allegedly was consensual kissing, hugging, and some touching but no sex. After the tryst, the pair parted ways in good terms - no argument, no quarrel, no fight. However, behold, later that day, Wanetta Gibson went to the authorities and cried rape against the nearly 17-year-old boy who was a talented linebacker and NFL hopeful, claiming he kidnapped, sexually assaulted, AND RAPED her. Motive? wait for it..

As usual, before anything could be verified, the authorities descended fire and brimstone on the accused boy with a heavy-handed arrest, intensive interrogations, embarrassing sample taking, and threats of long prison life among other elements of a sustained physical and emotional ordeal.

The accused boy's single mother had to sell her house and car to afford a defense attorney, a lawyer who advised the accused boy, in sad reality as an African American, to plead no contest in order to get the minimum sentence which was 10 years. That was in lieu of maintaining his innocence and possibly being found guilty and sentenced to 41 years in prison. And so the falsely accused boy heeded the advice and did as told by the professional. Even though DNA evidence would later prove the boy did not even have sex with Wanetta Gibson, he eventually served five years in prison as a result of a plea deal, registered as a sex offender and continued the rest of his sentence in an ankle monitor, his NFL dreams down the drain.

Meanwhile, and here it comes, Wanetta Gibson had sued The Long Beach Unified School District supposedly for not creating an environment safe enough for cuntworthism. With the help of our very gynocentric local authorities, she won a $1.5 million settlement as a result of fabricated rape allegations.

2007. The first half of the settlement money ($750,000) was awarded to Wanetta Gibson, and, as you can imagine, her life was boosted as a squanderer. However, things turned around when lonely Wanetta Gibson Facebooked her male hostage recently released from prison, asking him to "let bygones be bygones". She wanted to hang out, and the falsely accused and convicted man along with his new attorney used the opportunity to secretly record a confession from Wanetta Gibson that the crime never happened. She further said on tape that she wanted to help him clear his name but she didn't want to have to pay back the settlement money she got from the school district. Viola!

2012. The recorded conversation was used to exonerate the innocent male hostage in what became a landmark victory for the California Innocence Project, while the case turned around against Wanetta. Like a snake that swallowed an oversized meal, Wanetta Gibson may have to regurgitate her fake victimhood earnings and even more.

2013. fictim (fake victim) Wanetta Gibson was ordered by a judge to pay a $1.5 million, plus an additional $1.1 million in legal fees totaling $2.6 million to the Long Beach Unified School District.

We all know that even if the fictim had to work 24/7 for the rest of her life, she would not make that amount. However, more importantly, no criminal charge against her, no jail time, no compensation to the man whose name was dragged in the mud, and whose life was wasted in jail for a crime he did not commit. No compensation to his mother who sold her most valuable belongings to fight the false allegations, unsuccessfully. "Suck it up and move on" as they always say!

Between 2013 and 2018. As his soft-tones, seemingly remorseful tears and lack of expressed grudge against his false accuser portrayed him as sufficiently emasculated for mainstream, the falsely accused (and now exonerated) man was featured in multiple media outlets including CBS, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, and Fox. In 100% of his featuring on mainstream media, nothing is mentioned of Wanetta Gibson's immoral deeds in ruining his life. It is propaganda, as usual, to belittle the issue of false allegations and/or turn the focus elsewhere.

September 2018. Hollywood released a drama directed by Tom Shadyac, starring Aldis Hodge as the falsely accused male teen and featured Morgan Freeman as a fellow inmate and counselor. The movie is titled after the falsely accused NFL hopeful but mentions nothing about the mendacious role Wanetta Gibson plays as the center of the problem. If Hollywood's attempt to disguise the issue is worrying, wait till you see the so-called expert critics review of the film.

August 2019. The Washington Post portrays the drama as an effort to "explore how our criminal justice system casts aside some of the same people it should protect.". The New York Times' Jeannette Catsoulis describes the drama as a "formulaic film about a football player seeking redemption"

Redemption from what? What did the accused young male do wrong? Someone's lies caused this young man's ordeal and wasted years of his life suffering unnecessarily. That someone is a fictim (false victim) named Wanetta Gibson. Therefore, on behalf of common sense, SHAME ON THIS FICTIM, her blind believers, her supporters, the influential people who enable the likes of her and her deeds. Shame on them all. Watch this space

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