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Jackson, Butts County, Georgia. Racist toy cop Sherry Hall (AKA Officer Becky) in hopes to start a race war acts out having been shot by a blackman, winning herself a few days of national fictimhood attention, heroism, fame, but ends her up in jail.

September 13, 2016. 20 years after the death of Tupac Shakur by drive-by shooting, rookie officer Sherry Hall radios fellow police officers alleging she has been shot by a 6-foot 230-pound African-American, unprovoked, further describing the alleged assailant's clothing. Her colleagues sprung into action in search for the suspect while Shelly was taken to hospital. Luckily that night no one was found matching her description. However, the national tension over police on black-men and vice-versa shootings aggravated.

An intensive manhunt went on for days, putting local residents on edge. At one point, a man fitting Sherry's description was taken in for questioning but later released. "I was scared for my life", the freed suspect said and with good reason. Many African-Americans accused of petty crimes die in police custody let alone an accused attempted cop killer. “I can’t get it out of my mind because that’s something serious and I know I wasn’t a part of it,” the freed suspect added.

A few days later Sherry Hall was discharged from hospital and delivered an emotional interview to CBS46 describing the alleged ordeal and revealing how natural and comfortable a human being can be spewing lies to a national audience. Her chilling story goes on that she was on patrol, and encountered a guy (black man) she thought might need medical attention so she stopped to offer help but it became a confrontation and the man suddenly opened fire on her, she fell and docked behind her patrol car and returned fire. "it all happened so fast". "I cannot believe he shot me". said Sherry.

Interviewer: "They're still looking for this guy (the suspect), what is the emotion that you feel for him?"
Sherry Hall: "A lot of anger", "...For him to have such a disregard to human life, really angers me and upsets me", "because if he did this to an officer, how much more would he do to a citizen on the street"

Sherry Hall having served in PD for only 3 months, a field rookie, had no idea her patrol car was recording audio in her orchestrated encounter. Her claims turned out to be a complete fabrication as investigation revealed all 3 shells fired at the location she reported came from her own guns. Based on her own inconsistency, witness statements, physical evidence and forensic evidence, toy cop Sherry was indicted by a jury on 10 charges including making false statements, violating her oath and tampering with evidence. She rejected a plea deal.

August 30, 2018. After hearing all evidences and testimonies, 43 year-old racist and manipulative fictim Sherry Hall was convicted and sentenced to 15 years in prison for the various crimes, plus 23 years probation.

The AJC news reports a statement from the fictim's brother: “She definitely didn’t get treated fairly,” he said. “As her brother, obviously it’s hard for me to admit she’s guilty. But if she is guilty, the sentence she received was especially harsh..... I mean, this was a nonviolent crime.”

This is like saying the person who pushes a button to detonate a bomb which kills people miles away did not commit a violent crime. After all, all she did was push a button, not pull a trigger. Yeah right! Thanks for trying to rob us of our commonsense that a potential trigger of a massacre, a liar, racist, manipulator and fictim who acted out shooting victim in hopes to get people killed should be treated like a non-violent criminal.

A non violent crime intended to cause violence is a violent crime. Not to mention the racially tensed timing Sherry Hall chose to stage and break her hoax. Enough said

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