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Sarah Jean Covington

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Added: Dec 7, 2017  

Morris, Grundy County, Illinois. Very creative falarmist imaginations by Sarah Jean Covington who called police and reported fake child poisoning at a home which has nothing to do with her.

September 16, 2017. The Morris Police Department received a call by a woman, Sarah Jean Covington (AKA Anna Malik), claiming a child had been poisoned at an address which she provided. Officers were dispatched to the location and after further investigation, it was determined that no baby was poisoned. Sarah made it all up.

December 06, 2017. 42 year-old Sarah Jean Covington, from Lake Station, Indiana, was indicted by a grand jury for disorderly conduct, which is a class D felony.

A $10,000 warrant was issued for Sarah Covington's arrest. Watch this space

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