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Judy Munro-Leighton

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Louisville, Jefferson County, Kentucky. MeToo dinosaur, Judy Munro persistently unleashes rape fantasy against a male over a decade younger than herself, as a "tactic" and a "ploy" to derail his judicial nomination and appointment. "Why"? to "get attention", spews the biddy.

We have been saddened by how low the prospects of the MeToo infection stooped, all the way down to high school teens where the infamous "mean girls" group of 5 skanks stopped at nothing to make the life of their teen male victim unlivable, with multiple false sexual assault claims and false witnessing. Now we are once again coaxed to digest victimology hoax, "mean hags" version.

September 19, 2018. fictim (false victim) Judy Munro-Leighton (AKA Judith Leighton) sends a hand-written "urgent" letter to a Democrat Senator in the Senate Judiciary Committee, identifying herself as "Jane Doe" from Oceanside, California. In the letter, she falsely claims in graphic detail how a Supreme Court Judge nominee had raped her, supposedly eons ago, as her letter did not specify when. She claimed the male forcibly kissed her, he and his friend groped her and took turns raping her in his car. As a policy, we do not publish the identity of falsely accused individuals, therefore, we have redacted the name of the Supreme Court Judge nominee from the materials below.

September 25, 2018. The male victim was questioned about the various allegations including Jane Doe's claim but was not given much weight as an anonymous accusation. Disappointed her spell did not cause sufficient damages on her male victim, the hag upped her game and went digital.

October 03, 2018. Just 3 days before the appointment of the male nominee, Judy Munro went electronic and fired away with an email this time:

"To all Republican Senators, 10/3/18

My name is Jane Doe, from Oceanside CA. I am sharing with you the story of the night that ######## and his friend sexually assaulted and raped me in his car. Here is the letter that I sent to Sen. Kamala Harris on Sept. 19 with details of this vicious assault. The Senate Judiciary Comm had a phone interview on Sept. 26 with ######## to ask him about my letter."...

However, an inquiry into the acclaimed Jane Doe revealed she was not in 92101 San Deigo as she claimed, but rather a “left-wing activist” writing from Kentucky. Further investigation revealed her name and age to be over a decade older than the male she accused.

October 29, 2018. Committee investigators attempted to follow up but could not speak with Judy Munro the fake Jane Doe on the phone until...

Novermber 01, 2018. Judy Munro-Leighton denied being “Jane Doe.”. "No". "I did that as a way to grab attention." That was a “tactic” and a “ploy” to “get attention.” Asked about the email, Judy Munro-Leighton said: “I was angry, and I sent it out,” further admitting that she never met the male she accused.

November 02, 2018. 70+-year-old Judy Munro-Leighton was referred to the Department of Justice for further action. Hopefully, the justice which she deserves for defaming someone will be done to her by the department of "justice". In this country, you never know.

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