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Charlotte, Mecklenburg, North Carolina. “I’m white and I’m hot. So what are you doing here?”, words of Susan Jane Westwood (AKA South Park Susan) against women who were not contesting any ***t championship with her. After ranting, Susan called 911 and complained she felt threatened by the same people she persistently harassed. Can't blame intoxication

October 19, 2018. In a Parking Lot (public space). Susan Jane Westwood felt so victimized by the presence of other women who don't look like her, that she decided to approach them and unleash grade A racist rants and threats: “I’m white and I’m hot. So what are you doing here?...”, "Do you live here?", Said Susan Westwood. “Do I need to bring out my concealed weapon, too? This is North Carolina by the way.”, She added. "I make $125,000", "Who are you?"... "Don't fock with your life B***h, cut it out". The sisters who lived in the same apartment complex tried to talk Susan into minding her own business while they waited for AAA to come fix their car. But, Susan continued to pester and berate the sisters who fortunately filmed the incident while the other called police to report the harassment.

Eventually, seemingly intoxicated Susan Westwood felt her white female victimhood privilege which she proclaimed over and over, was not getting enough traction so she fired away on a 911 call of her own: "Hello", "Folks are trying to break into apartments", “They’ve been hanging out here for a while. And they’ve been photographing me. because I think they wanna try and get me". "They're causing problems.”, "we need to get them out of here", "They don't belong here" Said Susan Westwood. The 911 operator asked if she knows they don't belong there, she said she wouldn't be able to know that. When the 911 operation explained to her that the women cannot just be removed if they live there or if they're visiting family, Susan in a frustrated tone offered to pay police $2,500 to get them out. Seriously!

Susan Westwood's encounter with the sisters having been filmed by one of them was uploaded to social media, went viral and became an internet sensation with the fictim refered to as South Park Susan. A warrant was issued for her arrest but she was no where to be found.

November 03, 2018. 51 year-old Susan Jane Westwood turned herself in, served with an outstanding misdemeanor warrant for the misuse of the 911 system and four criminal summons for simple assault and communicating threats. She was transferred to the Brunswick County Sheriff's Department on a $500 bond. Sounds like a penny to someone who offered to pay police 5 times that amount just to throw out the faces she does not like to see.

Someone quickly dedicated her old song to her on Youtube, titled "you're a sociopath". Enjoy

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