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Wiltshire, England. Sham artist and vengeful hypoagent bodied by Rebecca Shirley Palmer targeted a younger male and ex ***k-buddy with multiple false rape claims in an endless effort to destroy his life because he refused to get back together with her.

December 2015. Armed with female privileges and a "believe the female accuser" society, Rebecca Shirley Palmer of Swindon, Wilts, embarked on a malicious false rape campaign against a serviceman which led to him being arrested by police on more than one occasion, and put through two years of hell at the hands of Palmer.

The soldier, who had consensual sex with Palmer, later jilted her, sparking her rage and campaign of false accusations against him and his relatives. ms. Palmer had also invented fake social media friend profiles and produced false correspondence hoping that these would be accepted as supportive evidence of her additional false claims that the man had taken revenge on her by posting intimate pictures of her on Facebook.

A spokesperson for Wiltshire Police, said Palmer's behaviour had been "completely unacceptable".

"Palmer became completely embroiled in her own web of lies and her appalling behaviour could really have a negative impact on other victims of rape or sexual assault who may choose not to report it to police for fear that they will not be believed," the spokesperson continued.

October 20, 2017. Winchester Crown Court. After putting a young soldier and his family through unspeakable misery, Rebecca Shirley Palmer at that time 26, was found guilty of perverting the course of justice and sentenced to five years in jail.

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