Kierah Lagrave

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Updated: Jan 14, 2019  

Plattsburgh, Clinton County, New York. "Rape Culture" fictim (false victim) Kierah Lagrave unleashes deadly choke-hold on innocent male, under the wrong impression that he groped her. She was arrested but soon freed by the authorities to continue choking other innocent males.

October 20, 2018. Five1Eight Nightclub. Man-hating butch dyke Kierah Lagrave who works in the club and her female partner were having fun talking at the bar counter. As CCTV footage shows, the 2 feminoids turned to dance which is when one naughtily slapped the other behind. Kierah, unaware who touched her buttocks, turns around in her female birth-right 'toxic masculinity victimhood hysteria' and goes all out on the nearest male suspect who happened to be the innocent bouncer simply walking by. She choke-held him from behind and squeezed until he fell to the ground momentarily unconscious. The female who "sexually assaulted" Kierah saw her aggression towards the innocent male but did nothing much to stop her and nothing at all to take responsibility.

Before the video footage was publicized, Kierah Lagrave kept up the false alarm against the male bouncer for sexually assaulting her. She kept claiming he groped her and even told local media outlet (WCAX-TV) that she received death threats and was portrayed as a liar after being a sexually assaulted.

October 26, 2018. 22-year-old Kierah Lagrave was arraigned on a felony charge of second-degree strangulation. She was released on her own recognizance pending her court appearance scheduled for November 20, 2018.

Meanwhile, mainstream gynocentric media has since praised the incident laying more emphasis on a "5'1 ft 125 lbs woman taking on a much larger male" than the underlying reality of the series of events. Even though she attacked the man from behind and the male did not retaliate because he thought it was someone he knew playing a prank on him, according to Plattsburgh police.

-- Update --

January 03, 2019. Pussypass on the table. Kierah Lagrave was offered a plea deal in exchange for reducing the 2nd felony strangulation charge to criminal obstruction of breathing. She accepted the deal and is expected to be sentenced to a lenient one year of probation.

-- Update --

January 14, 2019. For trying to choke a man to death, Kierah Lagrave was sentenced to one-year interim probation by a judge.

Kierah Lagrave's action is a general reflection of western society and the rape culture hysteria often wrongly blamed on men, especially in North America. In actuality, women are more victims of themselves and other women than anyone else. However, as one report cites, North America's policies in efforts to "defeat the evil patriarchy" are designed to either feminize, LGBTQify or choke the shit out of innocent males. The male choked from behind signifies anti-male laws passed under men's noses. The innocent bouncer not fighting back indicates men's generally tolerant attitude towards gynocentrism increasingly weaponized to destroy them. The other female who tapped Keirah's behind and then allowed the male to take the blame for it signifies how feminism victimizes women and then brainwashes them to blame their natural protectors (men) for it.

Even though in today's western society, feminoids are apparently driven more by their own high-level testosterone and a strong will to rid the world of men than by anything else, men still subconsciously think of them as physically weak and therefore in need of support of sorts, bleugh! until the feminoid chokes the shit out them, that is.

"My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge"
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Public Reasons for Shaming

This manish idiot as you pointed out is a clear reflection of the so-called rape culture in our society. Feminoids have come to think too highly of themselves. Though I'm sure if this idiot was in a line-up among gropables, a seasoned groper or even just potential groper wouldn't notice her masculine existence

by Pat McCuien Singapore
1 Year ago

Because, this cunt (acronym for Can’t Understand Normal Thinking), with her “guilty until proven innocent” attitude, needs to spend some time behind bars. Her “Judge and Jury” assault on the young man was uncalled for; and just plain wrong. She should pay for her indiscretion. Lastly, look at her picture. Who would want to grab that flabby, unattractive ass in the first place?

by Clay Ziegler United States
1 Year ago

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