Carlotta Lynn Merchant

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Scottsville, Kentucky. Fake home invasion and Sexual Assault reported by Carlotta Merchant against imaginary male, to revive affection with another male

October 18, 2018. Habitual fictim Carlotta Lynn Merchant reported that a man wearing ski mask and gloves broke into her home and sexually assaulted her. As usual, police got to work investigating, trying to determine a possible suspect and wasting taxpayer resources.

October 23, 2018. Carlotta Merchant called the lead investigator on the case and confessed to having staged the crime scene and having concocted the sexual assault incident as a bait to gain sympathy from an estranged boyfriend. So she presented us a crime hoax against one fictitious male perpetrator to get the attention of another male.

November 02, 2018. 53 year-old liar Carlotta Lynn Merchant was charged with false reporting. No further information was released on this fictim. However, someone who appears to be from the fictim's own household tips us further on her extensive fictimhood capabilities. Carlotta Merchant allegedly goes as far as planting false evidences and physically harming herself to get attention, even at the expense of younger ones supposedly under her care. This woman's own hypoagency is as malicious as it can be.

Our western culture apparently went the wrong way teaching us to show more compassion and attention to women who said they have been sexually assaulted, irrespective of the circumstances surrounding their acclaimed, rebuked or simply alleged assault. This patriarchal way of thinking and accepting a woman who talks about having been sexually assaulted has not only worsened the state of affairs in our society as regards natural gender relations but has also caused many women to use false claims of sex crime victimhood to win over men's sympathy, cover-up something, and / or even destroy other men by simply pointing the blame at them. here is an example of that malicious hypoagency in action.

We should start considering seriously the prospects of isolating people who claim to be raped or sexually assaulted, to reduce the sense of pride they feel as "survivors" and hopefully erode their tendencies to be false victims of this category of crime. After all, there are two facts you'll never hear from mainstream media:

1.) There are more liars in this world than victims.
2.) There is more weakness than pride in "coming forward" as a victim.

Hold that thought!

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