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Denver, Colorado. Innocent animal falls victim to woman's false assault allegations, courtesy of Julie Bosworth who called 911 and falsely claimed having been attacked by a bear. Fictimhood on a whole new level.

September 19, 2018. Golden Gate Canyon State Park. Julie Bosworth called 911 while on a hiking adventure and claimed she had been attacked by a bear. Law-enforcement and Wildlife officials responded to the false report, an investigation was launched while Julie Bosworth was taken to Hospital to be treated for injuries on her head, arms, legs.

As part of the investigation, Julie Bosworth’s clothing was sent to a Wyoming forensics lab where it was determined that nothing from bear fur was present. Investigators also found no trace of a bear in the area where Julie reported that the attack took place.

October 09, 2018. Officers released statement as a result of their investigation affirming that Julie Bosworth’s injuries were not caused by a bear.

November 06, 2018. 38 year-old Julie Bosworth was sentenced by a judge to 20 hours of community service.

The initial report supposedly had all bears going into hiding as they knew a report of attacking a woman whether false or true could have them losing more than their reputations. DenverPost reports that Parks and Wildlife official made the comment: “As an agency we investigate these to the fullest, and we cannot and will not tolerate false reporting,” . “If you do this, we are going to charge you.”

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