Sarah-Jane Parkinson

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Canberra, Australia. Habitual fictim and ex cop Sarah-Jane Parkinson stages sex crime scene then makes a false rape accusation against her male ex-partner sending him to jail for months.

March 21, 2014. Police respond to report of a violent sex crime in the house where the fictim lived with her then partner. Sarah-Jane Parkinson who had inflicted injuries on herself, placed a condom on the scene, staged a hose before sending out a distress signal to her new partner; yelled for help and proceeded to report her then partner as the perpetrator. She claimed he raped her and hosed her afterwards.

The innocent man was arrested and kept in Goulburn jail for nearly four months before the rape charges against him were dropped by the prosecutor due to discrepancies in Sarah-Jane's claims and other facts and evidences obtained in course of the investigation. Sarah-Jane Parkinson was charged for filing a false report of a punishable crime.

November 06, 2018. 28 year-old Sarah-Jane Parkinson pleaded guilty to staging a crime scene and making the false rape claim. The hearing is on-going.

This is not the first time Sarah-Jane Parkinson has concocted victimhood to get her partner in legal trouble. On December 06, 2013, Sarah-Jane Parkinson made false accusations of domestic violence against her former partner getting him arrested and only granted bail on strict conditions.
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