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Sarah-Jane Parkinson

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Updated: Apr 7, 2019  

Canberra, Australia. Habitual false accuser and former Police staff stages sex crime scene then fabricates domestic violence and rape allegations against her estranged partner, sending him to jail for months. In a rare application of justice in feminism-stricken Australia, Sarah Jane Parkinson was convicted.

March 21, 2014. Police responded to a report of a violent sex crime in the house where the fictim (false victim) lived with her then partner. Sarah-Jane Parkinson had inflicted injuries on herself, placed a condom pack and knotted a hose among other prepared false evidence at the scene before sending out a distress signal to her new boyfriend. And then she yelled for help and proceeded to report her estranged partner as the perpetrator. She claimed he hit her head with a brick, raped her while she was unconscious, and then hosed her afterward.

With the help of a gynocentric crooked cops' department to which Sarah Jane Parkinson's new boyfriend belonged, the innocent estranged partner was arrested on 32 counts of domestic violence and violent rape, kept in Goulburn super-max prison for over four months through an ordeal which drove him to the brink of suicide. As an ex-prison guard, the constant fear of inmates recognizing him caused him to be kept in isolation for most of his time behind bars. Meanwhile, Sarah-Jane Parkinson armed with a biased police department continued to stage crimes on herself and make false claims, this time, of harassment, threats, and theft, against the jailed man's family.

Fortunately, with a more competent AFP (Australia Federal Police) criminal investigation unit taking over the case, the charges against the innocent man were eventually dropped by the prosecutor, due to discrepancies in Sarah-Jane's claims and other facts and sheds of evidence obtained in course of the investigation - including alibi proving that the accused man was in his parents' house during the time of the alleged attack. Additionally, the brick allegedly used to hit Sarah-Jane's head during the assault was never found. Thanks to the honest work of the independent investigative unit led by Leesa Alexander, Sarah-Jane Parkinson was in turn charged with filing a false report of a punishable crime and was found guilty in 2015.

Why did Sarah Jane go this far to destroy the life of the man who showed her nothing but love and hope in their future? Analysts say "greed". It is believed that Sarah Parkinson wanted to take over the house built by the man she accused. In fact, while the man was locked away, the fictim's new boyfriend and his kids moved into the house with Sarah. That's worse than greed if you may, be justified to choose your own words ranging from "wickedness" to "sheer evil" to describe Sarah's brand of 'witchery'.

November 06, 2018. After years of appealing and delaying the course of justice with one excuse after another, 28-year-old Sarah-Jane Parkinson finally pleaded guilty to staging a crime scene and making the false rape claim. She was later described as a "compulsive liar" and a "premeditated monster". But no words can replace the pain and suffering she caused the accused man and his family, not to mention over A$600,000 (Approx $428,880 USD) debt they were reportedly forced to incur after paying for his legal defense. Even after it was revealed they were hostages of a pathological liar, the fact remains that Australia's justice system neither has remedies nor a compensation channel for victims of false accusations.

This is not the first time Sarah Parkinson has concocted victimhood to get men in legal trouble. On December 20, 2012, and again on December 06, 2013, Sarah-Jane made false accusations of domestic violence against the same ex-partner getting him arrested, issued a DVO (Domestic Violence Order) and only granted bail on strict conditions. In 2007, Sarah-Jane, assisted by her mother, falsely accused the father of her friend and neighbour of raping her and his own daughters. Sarah-Jane's mother is reported to have assisted her with fabricating evidence in other false rape claims.

January 17, 2019. ACT (Australian Capital Territory) Magistrates Court. 28-year-old Sarah-Jane Parkinson was sentenced to three years in jail for a number of crimes including False Reporting. She is expected to serve at least two years in the women's equivalent facility of the prison where she had caused the innocent man to be locked up. This is a very rare case of a false rape accuser being sent to jail in Australia. Albeit she will be afforded excuses to be released early.

April 07, 2019. Australia's 9News 60 Minutes program (#60MinutesAustralia) aired and published in detail how Sarah Jane Parkinson's pathological deception destroyed a man and his family. The documentary includes video interviews with key people involved in and/or affected by the fictim's case - Including the lead investigator, detective Leesa Alexander who officially unmasked Sarah's "web of lies", Sarah's former friend, the falsely accused man's parents giving accounts of their ordeal, as well as the falsely accused man himself. You can see all 44 minutes of the documentary here on youtube. And the extra exclusive interview with the lead detective published two days later...

It is worth mentioning that for the most part of this case as in other cases revolving around female liars, neither the AFP nor mainstream media had dared to publish the full name and/or photo of this fictim, until 2019, even though this fictim was already unmasked as a pathological liar since 2015. It was a daunting task to squeeze out her full name from court documents back in 2018. But still, even after being charged with a crime, the police would not come forth with a mugshot. We can only guess their reason is the same feminocentric "anonymity" excuse of not wanting to discourage "real victims"? So, the AFP was and is still willing to serve and protect liars like Sarah-Jane Parkinson in order to encourage "victims" to come forward. If you see here, No wonder we call them 'fictims' instead. Hold that thought!

However, thanks to Bettina Arndt, a well-known men's rights activist who was first to provide us with an edited portrait of the fictim herself. You can also watch the youtube video of Bettina Arndt's audio interview with the fictim's hostage (the falsely accused man) here.

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