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Blountville, Sullivan County, Tennessee. What lessons do we learn if the man in charge of receiving 911 calls including false reports for over 30 years, eventually also makes one himself? Isaac Lowry filed false reports which got innocent woman arrested.

2017. Isaac Ike lowry filed a complaint to the Sullivan County Sheriff’s Office alleging that a female acquaintance had stolen his debit card and cashed out over $10,000 from his accounts. The female was subsequently arrested and charged with not 6, not 1, but 61 counts of identity theft and felony theft during investigation.

However, further investigation and testimony from the female revealed that Isaac Lowry had permitted her to use the card. Her criminal charges were later dropped. To avoid a conflict of interest, Sullivan County District Attorney requested the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (TBI) handle the Isaac Lowry's alleged false reporting case. After months of investigating, the TBI returned accusations against Isaac December 2017 by which Sullivan County grand jury returned an indictment charging Isaac Lowry with two counts of false reports and one count of theft over $10,000.

November 08, 2018. 72 year-old Isaac Ike Lowry, from Bluff, was booked into jail as he turned himself into the Sullivan County Sheriff's Office. He was released on a $7500 bond.

Isaac Ike lowry was the director of Sullivan County 911 operations from its inception in 1987 through June 2017 when he retired at 71. Within those 30 years Isaac Lowry has supposedly had to deal with false reporting from citizens which by all human standards is unacceptable to say the least. Now, having had that same man come forward to waste taxpayer's money on a false report is like having trusted a zombie to fight other zombies on behalf of humans. And that is a mistake we repeatedly make as a society. After all, zombies have human features so how can we tell? We can do better. Hold that thought!
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