Candy Shawn Hood

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Bluefield, Tazewell County, Virginia. Candy Shawn Hood falsely claims she was harassed by a deputy, while in the process declaring to authorities just how pokable her chest is.

October 25, 2018. Fictim Candy Hood files a complaint against an officer claiming the during a school event, he yelled at her and poked her in the chest with his finger. However subsequent investigation and witness interviewing indicate the alleged incident never occured.

November 05, 2018. 43 year-old Candy Shawn Hood, from Wrights Valley, was charged with a misdemeanor, making a false report. She was released on her own recognizance pending arraignment in general district court on November 24, 2018.

Imagine what kind of a person makes a police report on supposedly such trivial issue? "Oh someone poked me, let's inform the police". America is so deeply infected with fictimhood that if something is not done now to curb this trend, things will only get worse.
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