Haily Loriane Duvall

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Louisville, Kentucky. "White hall is about to be white ashes along with every fucking student in it", Haily Loriane Duvall falsely claimed to news media that she received the threats on social media from an unknown sender. But the breadcrumbs led to herself as the sender.

November 07, 2018. University of Kentucky sophomore Haily Loriane Duvall on camera claimed to WKYT news that she received death threats on social media which she thought should be "fully investigated". The threats included: "thirsty thursdays are about to become ticking time bomb thursdays". "You may not be ready to die but I am and am dragging evry fucking ####### down with me so her ready". The messages included emoticons for danger and pistol.

As usual, the chilling threats distributed via social media caused unnecessary alert on the university campus and increased security around White Hall especially as news on the California mass shooting at a campus bar was developing. However, within a day of investigating, Kentucky police along with the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force managed to ping Haily Duvall's phone and traced the threats back to her IP as the origin of the threats. She reportedly admitted making the threats but no motive was revealed. If we weigh in here, Haily Duvall is nothing but an attention seeking skank.

November 08, 2018. 19 year-old Haily Loriane Duvall, from Glasgow KY, was arrested and charged with terroristic threatening and filing a false police report. She was wearing a T-Shirt with "Christian Fellowship" inscribed on it at the time of her arrest. Her pastor reportedly offered to post $1,000 bond on her behalf. Haily Duvall is scheduled to be arraigned in court on November 26, 2018 when she would possibly face additional charges.

Telling from her Christian background, Haily Loriane Duvall is supposedly the best of the best you can get in the moral version of college skankhood. However, the natural calm with which she nicely spewed believable lies to the media on camera is a cause for national worry and concern. If a supposedly moral package of sorts could have no qualms lying like that, how much more the immoral skanks? hold that thought!
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