Marley Jane Barberian

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Greenacres, Palm Beach County, Florida. Rape fantasist Marley Jane Barberian, earlier arrested for shoplifting, goes vengeful with a graphic false rape claim against the arresting officer. But her stunt backfires. This is an old but increasingly used fictim tactic we have exposed here , here , here , here , here , here and here

January 2018. Shortly after Marley Barberian's arrest for shoplifting, she informed a nurse that a Palm Beach Sheriff's Office deputy sexually battered her while taking her into custody. In a sworn statement, Marley accused the arresting officer of groping her during a pat-down. She also claimed that on the way from the Police Department to jail, the arresting deputy stopped on the roadside for some paperwork, after which he pulled down her pants and anally penetrated her. She continued narrating her rape fantasy by claiming the officer put his gun in her mouth as "that probably turned him on," then dropped her off in jail after the rape.

However, a thorough investigation revealed discrepancies in Marley Barberian's fabricated story. Officers say that a female deputy actually patted down the fictim and the accused male deputy only conveyed the fictim to the Police Department, after which a female deputy took the fictim to County jail. Dashcam footage from the arresting vehicle also showed there were no stops between the arrest point and the PD. Additionally, other surveillance footage showed a female deputy escorting the fictim into the jail and booking her, which corroborates the officers' account of the events.

November 09, 2018. 23 year-old Marley Jane Barberian is now facing in likelyhood, additional charges of a false report of crime and perjury. She is still held the Palm Beach County Jail on a $3,000 bond.

Court records show Marley Barberian is no stranger to legal troubles. She had previously been arraigned on August 2014 and May 2016 for crimes like petit theft, trespassing, and violence of sorts.
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