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Loretta Maria Simonson

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Taylor, Lackawanna County, Pennsylvania. Domestic violence fanatic Loretta Maria Simonson stages attempted homicide against herself, and then proceeds with falsely accusing estranged husband of shooting at her. "gut feeling" of detective saves Mr. Husband.

November 07, 2018. Estranged wife Loretta Maria Simonson told her doctor that her husband tried to shoot her the week before, in the early morning of November 02, 2018. In a "BelieveWomen" spirit, the injudicious doctor reported the incident to Scranton police who then referred it to Taylor Police. Without second thoughts, Loretta Simonson proceeded with her dishonesty, telling the fabricated story to Taylor Police Officers and leading investigators to her bedroom to see the crime scene which she staged. Loretta had put a bullet hole in the wall, and then claimed she was shot at by her husband while she was asleep. She also claimed she did not get hit only because she had moved the furniture in the room, What a premeditated hoax to frame an innocent man.

Loretta Simonson waited almost a week before reporting the alleged incident only to her doctor. That Notwithstanding, Taylor Police in their brand of wisdom further constricted by gynocentrism which deprived them of any ability to consider the likelihood of mendacious from Mrs. Wife, believed they had "enough evidence" to arrest and charge Mr. Husband. And so they did, charging the innocent man with several felonies including attempted homicide and aggravated assault. They locked him up in Lackawanna County jail setting his bail at $850,000. Local media at that time had reported the fictim Loretta as the "lucky victim". This is one of many ways innocent lives are ruined by bad judgement call by police. However in this case law-enforcement quickly righted their wrong, fortunately, but in a rather bizarre twist of events determined by an officer's gut feeling. "When he usually gets some type of feeling in the pit of his stomach, you usually run with it," said a detective on the case. And so the officers dug deeper.

Behold, more interviews with people in Loretta Simonson's neighbourhood revealed Loretta was in possession of the shotgun allegedly used in the staged shooting. The truth came from a neighbour who told investigators the shotgun was given to her when Loretta was giving away items from her house. The neighbour co-operated with law-enforcement and turned in the weapon for further investigation. That added up. So, Loretta shot at the wall, disposed the shotgun by giving it away to an unsuspecting neighbour, then led the cops to the crime scene she staged. Her neighbours also attested to her unfriendliness compared to her estranged husband who was more easy-going.

On getting the latest facts, Taylor Police Officers did a follow-up interview with Loretta Simonson who, this time, confessed to staging the crime scene, firing the gun in her bedroom wall and lying to officers about her estranged husband's involvement. Interesting. A motive was not extracted from Loretta as is irrelevant. But the fact that her estranged husband moved out in August 2018 after a domestic violence charge and their divorce papers having been filed in September 2018; makes this cooking smell like Mrs. Wife saying to Mr. Husband, "My arm is still long enough to take a jab at you wherever you are", speak of witch-haunt, literally.

November 08, 2018. 57 year-old Loretta Maria Simonson was arrested and charged with several felonies including firing a gun into an occupied home. She was transferred to the Lackawanna County jail after her enstranged husband was released. Loretta's bail was set at $10,000. If tried on the original charges, she faces up to 16 years in prison and / or a $30,000 fine.

Let's take another look at this: Husband was saved by "gut feeling" of a detective. That "gut feeling" is not a requirement in law-enforcement work. It is increasingly hard to come-by any application of human feelings / emotions on formal work in western society. In fact it is discouraged in our civilization which teaches us to rather be "professional". Now, Imagine thousands of other detectives working on other similar cases of staged crime scenes against husbands, partners, boyfriends; who do not have the same "gut feeling" or second thoughts when they help women ruin men's lives? Hold that thought!

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