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Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Haylee Hopson mad at boyfriend decides the best way to express hysteria is create a hoax about having been kidnapped by other men. Neither new nor surprising but her fictimhood was quickly undone.

December 29, 2016. Officers responded to a kidnap incident on Plowman Road as Haylee Hopson reported that two men abducted her from her home and drove her to Old Fayette Road. Like a movie scene, she claimed she managed to get in the driver's seat and drive away when the men had gotten out of the car.

After investigators reviewed the crime scene, they interviewed Haylee Hopson about the incident. Then she admitted to investigators that she fabricated the incident because she was mad at her boyfriend.

24 year-old Haylee Hopson was charged with false reporting and booked into the Tuscaloosa county jail on a $3,000 bond. Her kidnap fantasy was supposedly undone

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