Amber Graham

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Kingston, Ontario, Canada. "mental health problems and developmental challenges", defense attorney claims is the reason why Amber Graham falsely accused a male acquaintance of sexual assault. It always works in "womanada", no jail time for the acclaimed insane wench.

October 16, 2017. fictim Amber D. Graham, already on probation related to other offenses, takes to the cops to falsely report sexual assault against an innocent man known to her. However, while she was being questioned about the alleged incident, her story fell apart and she ended up being indicted for false reporting.

Additionally, it is alleged that she sent death threats to 3 women online between July and August 2018, because they refused transactions of sorts with her. That may attract new charges as reported.

November 12, 2018. 25 year-old Amber Graham was placed on an 18-month probation. “her moral culpability is somewhat diminished.” said the judge who made it a condition of her probation that she stay at a residential facility. Speak of leniency. It is a human right for pussy-pass holders in Canada
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