Isaiah Padron

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Lincoln City, Oregon. "Live by the Gun, and Lie by the Gun". Book of Isaiah Padron (AKA Isaiah Padronage) who accidentally shot his phone in the bedroom, then sought to cover it up by proclaiming himself a drive-by shooting victim.

November 12, 2018. Lincoln City police responded to a report of a gunshot victim. Isaiah Padron, the fictim, claimed he was walking along the street when a car pulled up next to him then the driver yelled “Hey you!” and shot at him. The bullet allegedly hit the cell phone in the fictim's his hand which he claimed saved his life. He also claimed that after the car sped off, he managed to make it to a residential Apartment complex where good citizens assisted him.

An investigation was launched which included determining the suspect’s identity. Detectives recovered the handgun used in the shooting incident and determined it to have been stolen during the burglary of a Central Oregon home. When Investigators confront Isaiah Padron with the facts, he reportedly admitted to damaging his cellphone and inflicting minor injuries upon himself while accidentally discharging the stolen firearm in the bedroom.

November 14, 2018. 21-year-old Isaiah Padron was booked in Lincoln County Jail charged with Filing a False Police Report, Reckless Endangering, Theft, and Disorderly Conduct.

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